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10 ways to get superfoods into your favourite recipes

Superfoods are, by definition, great for you. However, many of them seem so unfamiliar. You’re told to eat more quinoa, kale and bok choi, but how on earth do you cook with them without making mealtimes sound so horribly un-appetising!?

The answer: Trade ingredients in your favourite recipes for similar super-food equivalents. This means you can still enjoy mealtimes whilst getting an added nutritional boost! Here are 10 trades and small additions you can make:

1.Use avocado as a spread

Avocadoes are incredibly good for you, and they also have a lovely creamy texture which is capable of being used as a spread. Next time you try making a sandwich or having a piece of toast, replace the butter or mayonnaise with some spreaded avocado. You might be surprised with how delicious it tastes, and the texture to elevate the flavour will not be lost!

2. SuperfoodsSprinkle walnuts on your salad

This is a neat little addition. If you’re having a salad, just put a few walnuts on to add to the texture. It’s an absolutely fantastic source of omega-3 fat, and a small enough addition for you not to notice.

3. Use sunflower seeds as crouton replacements

Another salad addition, but this time it’s a replacement. Croutons are added to salad to give it a little more weight and add some much-needed crunch. Why not replace them with sunflower seeds? They are a great source of vitamin E.

4. Replace the morning juice with a smoothie

No breakfast recipe is totally complete without a glass of fruit juice… or is it!? A really great way to get a different array of superfoods inside you is to drink it in a smoothie. Kale, apples, blueberries and kiwis can all be put into delicious smoothies to give you a little bit more of a boost than orange juice.

5. Always cook with garlic

Garlic is effective at preventing high blood pressure and is an excellent source of vitamin C. It can also be added to almost any dish, and improves the taste. Always have garlic cloves at the ready and be generous in application to your favourite recipes.

6. Replace rice with quinoa

Quinoa is like rice… except it’s incredibly rich in protein, fibre, iron, magnesium (and so on…). But the main thing when you don’t want to spoil a good chili con carne or Thai green curry is that it’s the perfect substitute for rice without sacrificing the taste and texture.