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3 Money Saving Tips for January

Christmas might well be a fading memory by now, but most of us are still feeling the pinch on our bank accounts after the expensive festive period. Presents, cards, even travel to distant relatives – it all adds up. It’s little wonder so many New Year’s resolutions revolve around trying to saving money. Most people don’t realise that saving money can be a lot easier than they think. You certainly don’t have to go to extremes and live in a tent for year to cut down on your rent. So whether you’re saving for that dream holiday or looking forward to a well-deserved retirement, read on for 3 great money-saving tips.

1. Hit the January Sales

Make the most of the January sales on offer at most stores. We’re not talking about trawling through rails of clothes though. Get a head start on next Christmas by taking advantage of the January sales to buy wrapping paper, cards and crackers. However, don’t be tempted to buy something that seems like a good deal if you don’t actually need it.

2. Reduce Your Heating Bill
Money saving
Reducing your heating bill is a great way to cut down on your monthly outgoings and save money.

Dressing in lots of thin layers and keeping your extremities covered will help to keep you warm, meaning you can afford to have the heating on less during the day. Keeping your curtains closed will help to prevent draughts, while getting somebody in to look at the insulation in your home could pay off in the long term. And if you feel like you’re paying too much a month, it might be worth comparing your energy tariff with other providers to see if you can get a better deal. The CareCo range of heated clothing could also help save the pennies on your heating bill!

3. Eat Seasonally

Food that’s in season tends to be a lot cheaper than processed equivalents in the supermarkets. Shop for seasonal vegetables like carrots, swede and parsnips, which can be mashed, roasted or used in soups for warming winter meals. Following a better diet which help you to feel healthier and probably stop you from splashing out on treats too. In general, supermarket own-brand products tend to be cheaper than brand names and can cut the cost of your weekly shop significantly.

The CareCo January sale is still running with some great deals to be had! Check out our top picks by following the link.