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5 reasons you should get outside during winter

The outdoors in winter can be pretty grim and just leaving the comfort of your own home to venture out into the cold can be a tough mental step. However, winter can also provide some great opportunities that no other season brings. Here are five reasons why the outdoors in winter should be something that is celebrated and adored, not dreaded:

  1. You can experience nature in a different light

Winter is a great opportunity to see nature in a different light. Most people will be buried in their coats trying to keep warmth, but taking some time to survey your surroundings can be very rewarding. After all, there’s something quite peaceful about frost on the ground, and something quite amazing about those evergreen trees battling against the seasonal change.

  1. You can enjoy the peace and quiet

A sunny summer day is vibrant and active, but in some particular spots, sunny days can become a bit stressful with too many people ruining the beautiful atmosphere. Winter is a great excuse to go down to those popular summer spots and enjoy the atmosphere in peace and quiet. Winter beach walking is a great way to do this, but if you don’t live near the coast a visit to the popular local park or lake will certainly suffice.

  1. It’s a great way to keep away the winter blues

winterWinter can be tough mentally, especially with the lack of sunlight and darkness coming in the afternoon. Our Scandinavian friends have such trouble with this that they have festivals of light to cheer them up! Getting outside whilst it is light is a really good way to make the most of the winter and keep your spirits high.

  1. It can boost immunity to keep the winter flu away

Winter is the worst time for flu, and it can be a battle to avoid it. Light exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your immune system. Anything you can possibly do to avoid getting ill this winter is absolutely vital, and so even walking for 30 minutes outside is a good way to avoid the dreaded flu.

  1. You can legitimise a little treat

Just think of the things that you value most in winter: a warm fire, a nice hot bath, a mug of hot chocolate. The reason why we love these is because it brings us the warmth we miss during winter-time. Those hot chocolates, warm fires and hot baths are 10 times as good when you’ve just been for a winter walk as you feel like you’ve earned them. When you enjoy your treat after getting back home, you will see what I mean…

So get outside, enjoy the fascinating nature, peace and quiet, replenishing light, rewarding movement and especially the warm treat you allow yourself for braving the elements this winter!