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6 Great Apps to Help the Disabled

Yesterday we posted an article on how to choose the right computer based on your own specific requirements. So, continuing the technological theme, in today’s blog we’re going to take a look at the some of the best apps to help people with disabilities.

If you own a smartphone or a tablet you’ll be familiar with apps, from WhatsApp and Gmail to Angry Birds and Twitter.

But if you’re not sure exactly what an app is, here’s a quick definition: short for application, an app is a program or piece of software downloaded to a mobile device and designed to perform a specific task. Developers are always looking for new ways to bring helpful apps to the masses, and there are some great apps out there to help the disabled and those with certain medical issues manage their conditions.


This app is designed for those people who could do with a hearing aid, but for whatever reason don’t make use of one. Performance can be customised depending on specific needs, and the user can choose to optimise foreground and background sound, which is ideal for use in loud public areas like restaurants and parties.


The deaf and hearing-impaired will find this one particularly helpful. RogerVoice makes use of voice recognition technology to convert voice to text, providing subtitles on the screen of your device.apps _careco

Spread the Sign

Another one for the hard of hearing, or for those with deaf relatives or friends. Spread the Sign helps the user to learn sign language with the world’s largest sign language dictionary. There’s a variety of foreign sign languages available to learn too.

mySugr Diabetes Diary

This one is the perfect way for those with diabetes to manage their sugar intake. With elements of gamification to make managing your diabetes a little more fun, this app will help you stay up to date with your diabetes therapy.


Ideal for those with rheumatoid arthritis, MyRA helps you to track when and where you’re feeling the symptoms. You can even generate a visual summary report of your data so that you can communicate to your doctor how you are doing.

Medisafe Medication Reminder

If you need to take a lot of different medication on a daily basis, it can be difficult to remember exactly which medication to take and when. Medisafe is a straightforward way to track the medication you need to take, with reminders and different timezone support too, so you don’t need to worry about your medication when travelling.