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Activities To Consider This Winter

Although it may not officially be winter it certainly feels like it. Cold weather, dark days, early nights – while some may love this time of year, others hate it. However, no matter which side you lie on autumn and winter are no reason to feel stuck. Whether you choose to stay indoors or enjoy occasional days out, keeping your body and mind active are important. To give you some inspiration today’s blog outlines some of the best activities to consider this winter, with something to please everyone!

Staying Indoors

Winter can mean that some days you just don’t feel like venturing outside. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for watching hours of repeats on television. Take some inspiration from our ideas list and get involved.

  • Gentle exercise: Staying active throughout the winter months is vital as it’ll help ward off illness and depression. Gentle exercise is advised for anyone who struggles with their mobility as it increases circulation and the strength in the body’s joints. CareCo stock a range of pedal and general exercisers designed to help keep you moving, ideal for those who’re housebound.
  • Arts and crafts: With Christmas fast approaching now is the best time to get crafty and create yourPinterest own decorations and gifts for others. Use Pinterest to gather ideas and inspiration for budget-friendly projects.
  • Baking and cooking: There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread or biscuits so why not make the most of the cold weather and get cooking! Find a huge range of recipes via the BBC Food and NHS sites, full of tasty, healthy meals and snacks. Take a look at our range of kitchen and eating aids here.
  • Board games and puzzles: Keep your mind active with a challenging brain-teaser. Whether you enjoy immersing yourself in a traditional puzzle or prefer a cunning crossword, taking 30 minutes away from the television is always a good thing.
  • Knitting: Similar to arts and crafts, taking up a new hobby is a great way of keeping yourself active. Knitting is ideal for boosting dexterity in your hands and fingers, and there’s no better feeling than finishing something you can be proud of. Why not try making yourself a cosy blanket to keep you warm during the winter months?

Getting Out & About

If you prefer the occasional day out (despite the unpredictable weather) then why not schedule one of the following activities into your day? Just make sure to keep yourself warm and toasty – why not invest in something from our selection of heated Walkingclothing?

  • Exercise: Again, taking up gentle exercise not only keeps your body in a good condition but keeps your mind active too. Join a group for walks around your local park – a great way of staying social during the quieter months. Find walking uncomfortable? We stock a range of accessories to relieve pressure and pain.
  • Local attractions: With towns and cities getting into the Christmas spirit there’ll be plenty to see and do within the coming weeks. From fireworks and light shows to markets and food events, get out and about and discover everything there is to see!
  • Visit loved ones: Take the time this season to reconnect with family and friends. Invite them round for tea or wrap up warm and visit them, just ensure you make time for a good catch-up.

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