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Activity Ideas For The Easter Weekend

The upcoming Easter bank holiday weekend is a great excuse to relax and unwind with friends and family, a time to get together, have some fun and celebrate the change in season, whether you’re indoors or outside. However, with the UK’s unpredictable weather making it hard to plan ahead it’s difficult to arrange activities, especially if you suffer from mobility or movement problems that require equipment to help you get around. With that in mind we here at CareCo have conjured up a few ideas that would be suitable if the sun does make an appearance, and a couple of back-up plans if it doesn’t. Enjoy!
Easter EggOur first suggestion for an engaging and enjoyable Easter activity is a simple walk with your family or friends. The NHS have published that regular walking can lower your risk of contracting chronic illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer, as well as reducing your chances of having a stroke. Alongside the obvious health benefits, walking is a great way of staying social and keeping up-to-date with your loved ones, as well as increasing and improving your mood. We understand that walking and staying comfortable and safe are concerns for many, but we believe our wide range of walking aids can erase that anxiety. We stock a variety of tri-walkers, rollators and walking frames, as well as canes, sticks and crutches, guaranteeing that you’ll find a product suitable for your needs. For example, one of our most popular and best-selling items is the Drive R6 Lightweight Rollator, rated 4.5/5 stars by our customers. Its aluminium frame, sturdy plastic wheels, padded flip-up seat and handy storage bag are all fantastic features highlighted in the reviews submitted by those who have purchased it, with many adding that its simple folding mechanism make it easy to pack away and take with you in the car, perfect for shopping trips and days out. If a smaller, sleeker tri-walker is more suited to your tastes then the CareCo Sanandres may be the product for you. Easy to control and move, and equipped with arthritis-friendly looped brakes, the Sanandres can be folded up and packed away in the boot, perfect support for those looking to get outside more. We also stock a range of trolleys, giving you even more storage space for shopping and personal items.

Sweet Peas Super Scented Mix
Sweet Peas Super Scented Mix

If the weather holds out, how about a spot of gardening? Spring is the ideal time for working on your garden, with the predicted April showers helping it to grow and bloom. Try starting out with our Sweet Pea Super Scented Seed Mix, guaranteed to bring colour and vibrancy to your garden, with our range of gardening aids making the task simple and easy to complete. The Easy-Grip Fork and Trowel are ideal for those with limited mobility in their hands and wrists, while our Long Reach Fork, Trowel, Cultivator and Hoe reduce the need for bending down and crouching, relieving the pressure on your knee joints and thigh muscles. Plus, after all that work you’d deserve a break, so why not enjoy the sunshine whilst sitting in our Ultimate Zero Gravity Chair, designed to reduce muscle tension and back ache. You can read more on our gardening aids collection here.

However, if the heavens do open and you have to hurry inside, all is not lost. A traditional Easter egg hunt with your grandchildren can provide hours of entertainment, and it doesn’t have to put a strain on your back or arms. To reduce the need to bend and stretch try a handy grabber, great for reaching places up high or for picking items off the floor. Or, for the more creative people out there, why not relax and enjoy some simple arts and crafts? Getting stuck into a craft project can help promote dexterity in your hands and fingers, as well as improve your mood and increase brain function. While it’s essential to keep your body healthy, it’s equally important to keep your brain active, and being creative can be just the stimulation you need.

Whatever you get up to this Easter weekend, we hope you have a lovely time!