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Benefits of Getting Plenty of Sun Light

In recent years, there has been a lot of information conveyed to people suggesting that sunlight is to be completely avoided because of its cancer-causing effects.  Unknown to them, there are missing out on the benefits in which sunlight gives to the body such as vitamin D and hormones. Below are a few of them;sunlight

Sunlight Keeps the Bones Strong

Vitamin D is vital in maintaining healthy bones. The calcium in the body cannot be readily absorbed by the bone without the help of the Vitamin D. Children’s bone defects such as rickets, bowed legs, stooped posture is a late sign of lack of sufficient calcium and Vitamin D in the body.

Sunlight Keeps the Teeth Strong

Dental health is one of the advantages of Vitamin D. With the assistance of this vitamin, calcium is efficiently deposited to the teeth making it strong and health. Statistics have shown that kids who lived in the areas where there is lesser sunshine tends to have three times more cavities compared to those who enjoy sufficient sunshine.

Sunlight Decreases Risk of Heart Disease

Another important perk of Vitamin D obtained from the sun is its likelihood to prevent heart diseases. It is found out that there are more heart related cases in winter compared to summer. Most probably, this is related to the low levels of vitamin D in the cold seasons. The reduced level of Vitamin D in the blood can cause rise in cholesterol level.

Sunlight Eases Body Aches

Basking in the sun is a good way to relax, because it helps in calming muscle tensions. Warmth that is brought about by the sun can be useful in easing stiffness of the joints and muscles. Thus, it can be a conventional method of relieving pains in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Sunlight can Provide Energy

The hormone – Melatonin helps in regulating sleep. The sun aids in lowering the level of this hormone in the blood. Hence, when warm it is natural to sleep less, but still have the same enthusiasm and energy for the day. Moreover, natural light such as the sun sets the day by acting as a body clock and re-energizer.

Sunlight can Improve Fertility

sunlightAnother benefit of melatonin in the body is fertility. It can work by making a person more fertile, and lengthening fertile periods. There was an observation that looked into women who reportedly have less than an hour of sunlight per week, and found out that they had reached their menopausal period by 7-9 years earlier compared to others.

Sunlight can also be advantages among men in their fertility. Exposure in the sun can heighten the level of testosterone, which is the primary hormone for reproduction among males. Thus, it is believed that the most efficient time to conceive is summer.

Sunlight Improves Immune System

Sunlight is beneficial to the immune system. It can boost immunity by increasing the production of the white blood cells. These cells are considered as the secondary line of defence against any types of infection such as virus and bacteria.

Sunlight can Enhance Moods

Serotonin is one of the key hormones that give us a positive mood. This happy hormone increases when the individual is exposed to the sun. It explains why most individuals tend to be livelier and more energetic when the sun is out. People who are suffering from mild to moderate depression can make good use of sun bath regularly, especially when this is paired with walking and other forms of outdoor activities.

It is recommended to enjoy the sun at least three times a week in order to take advantage of its benefits. However, it is also important to consider not overdoing it and risking acquiring some skin diseases. One of the indicators that the individual has already sufficient sun exposure is when the skin turns pink already. The best hours would be 10AM to 3PM for around 10 minutes in duration.