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The Best Holiday Destinations for March-May

January-February is one of the busiest times for booking a holiday. The post-Christmas dreary weather inspires people to will the advance to summer and that all-important two weeks in the sun. It’s also the period for booking cheaper early spring holidays. Understandably cheaper than summer holidays, you can grab yourself a bargain by booking holidays to some of these destinations.

The Canary Islands

If you’re looking for a short hop and stay in in a European culture, then The Canaries are the perfect place. It’s warm but not hot with temperatures hovering around the 18-24C mark (63-75F). There is a risk of rain, but the warm jet stream of the Atlantic means it remains largely temperate. The climate is much the same on each island but things to do vary. You’re not spoilt for choice with Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura amongst others and with a mix of warm, sandy beaches and Renaissance architecture, there is something for everyone.


holiday destinationsIf you’re not looking for sunshine and don’t mind a little cold, Iceland is great all the year round. The temperatures in the spring are cold, touching just a few degrees Celsius above freezing, even in the high summer. Why do many people visit in March-April? It is one of the best opportunities to see the Northern Lights until the autumn. It’s also the driest period as rainfall levels start to dip. That will bring some respite from the chilly temperatures and will make your visit to a hot spring even more sublime. With grand architecture and lots of Viking museums, this is the cultural holiday you never knew you needed.

The Bahamas

Another summer sun destination, if you struggle with very hot temperatures you should consider taking your trip between March and May. As it’s close to the equator, it does not have four seasons – just two (dry and wet) with both being warm to hot. Wet season is still a few months away which means not only is it warm, but you’ll not have to worry about hurricanes or other storms. The Bahamas are a good alternative choice to the Caribbean islands which are already getting too hot for most people.


People are surprised to learn that Bermuda is some 900 miles to the northeast of The Bahamas. That extra distance and the fact that it sits so far from the mainland brings the average temperature down from hot to comfortable. From March-May, the typical temperature is 18-22C with cloud cover highly likely for at least some part of your holiday. May’s temperature range is 21-25, meaning stable weather for the most part at the very beginning of the tourist season. This is great beach weather but also means it is not too hot for activities.

Las Vegas

It’s always a good time of year to visit “Vegas” but at least between March and May the temperature is cool enough to enjoy a dip in an outside pool in comfort. Although associated largely with casinos, Las Vegas can be a great activity holiday. While there, why not visit Grand Canyon? It’s in a different state (Arizona) but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get there. If you’re lucky, you might even see Grand Canyon with a dusting of snow with March being much more likely. May is a good time although warmer than March.

New Zealand

With a mix of sun, fantastic landscape and activities, NZ is the top of the bucket list for many people. March is the beginning of autumn for the southern hemisphere, which means much more comfortable temperatures in line with a warm summer day in the UK. Expect highs of 25-27C. Of course, the later you go the cooler it gets with May registering a typical range of 14-17C. There is so much to do between the two islands that we couldn’t possibly list all of them. Mountain hiking is a popular activity and a long drive in a pristine landscape is a memory to treasure.