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Black Friday Sale

Black Friday – What is it?

As you probably know today is the day of the year known as Black Friday. But what is Black Friday…?

Although we have enjoyed Black Friday in the UK for many years now the day is actually an American phenomena. Falling on the day after Thanks Giving each year the principle behind the Black Friday is that it represents the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

As the day is made up of an incredible number of sales it is generally considered the best day to purchase gifts before the mad rush of Christmas. To make sure that you do not miss out CareCo are making sure to provide you with a gift selection in our own Black Friday sale.
The Oakley Riser Recliner is a high quality chair that is built to last is upholstered in a comfortable and stylish fabric. This is a CareCo Exclusive product which us one of the more up market Riser Recliner in this range.

To accommodate smaller user the Oslo Petite Riser Recliner is a great chair that has been designed to have smaller specifications however still maintains all the features of a high quality Riser Recliner. The Oslo Petite is available as both a single and dual Riser Recliner.
Want comfort and style at an affordable price.

The Havana Riser Recliner is a quality Riser Recliner that looks good and provides everything you would expect from a Riser Recliner without the high price tag.
For those who are looking for a Riser Recliner that affords the classic look of leather than the

Lars Luxury Leather Riser Recliner is the chair for you. The Lars Luxury Leather Riser Recliner has a larger frame to accommodate larger users.
All these great Riser Recliners are included in our Black Friday Sale and can be redeemed with promotional code BKF14. Happy hunting this Black Friday and make sure to not miss out on these great offers on Riser Recliners at CareCo.

£25 OFF the Oslo Riser Recliner Chair
£25 OFF the Oslo Riser Recliner Chair
£25 OFF the Lars Riser Recliner Chair
£25 OFF the Lars Riser Recliner Chair
£25 OFF the Oakley Riser Recliner Chair
£25 OFF the Oakley Riser Recliner Chair
black friday havana recliner chair
£25 OFF the Havana Riser Recliner Chair