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Why a Caravan Holiday is a Great Option for Those with Disabilities

Taking a holiday when you have disabilities involves an enormous amount of planning. Notifying hotels, informing airlines and putting together an itinerary is necessary to make it as smooth a holiday as possible. However, although no holiday can be totally free of planning, a caravan getaway can be a much simpler way of getting some R and R. Here’s why a caravanning is a great holiday option for those with disabilities.

No Need for Air Travel Planning

caravanSince organising flights when you have a disability is a long winded and often stressful experience it can often be better to cut it out completely. A big upside of a caravan holiday is that you have control of your own travel and you can take your accommodation anywhere your tow car will go.

You won’t even be restricted to domestic holidays. If you’re going away with a keen driver there’s even the option to take the ferry over to the continent and explore somewhere new. No need for airport security checks and no difficulties boarding a plane, just hitch everything up and go.

Lots of Accessible Caravan Sites

Finding a hotel that is accessible from doorstep to room can also be a difficult part of organising a holiday when you have disabilities, but a caravan site is much simpler to plan for. In terms of the caravan itself you know the dimensions and fittings that may help or restrict access.

In regards to the site that caravan will be parked in, the only areas that may need verification about access are any hygiene facilities. This can be done with the quick check of the sites website or a phone call. The rest of the surrounding area will just be wide open spaces.

Certain Models Are More Accessible

If you’ve been considering spending your hard-earned money on a caravan but have been holding off due to concerns about accessibility then you needn’t worry. By putting together a checklist and browsing a number of possible options you can find a model that is

For example, a motorhome that is based on the template of a panel van may be a better choice than more standard caravan or motorhome types. The doors are often wider and a ramp can be installed to help access with a wheelchair or other mobility aid.

You Can Convert Your Caravan

If you already have a caravan – or panel van – and have the budget for it you can convert it yourself to help with accessibility. This means you can alter things to your preferences such as; widening doors, adding grab rails and tweaking internal dimensions for using mobility aids.

It should be noted that certain vehicles are easier to alter – such as four-berth models – because of the positioning of the plumbing facilities, resulting in reduced labour costs. Additionally, new caravans under warranty will need a specialist to do the work if you want to preserve that warranty.