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CareCo Easter Egg Hunt!

With spring now upon us and with Easter approaching fast we thought we’d celebrate at CareCo by putting on the CareCo Easter Egg Hunt!


CareCo Easter Egg Hunt

It’s very simple, what we’ve done is hide 25 eggs all around the CareCo web site which if you’re lucky enough to find you’ll be able to claim a free gift or discount on a product. The eggs have been hidden in Banners, Product Images or even on our social media sites.

If you find an egg there will be a code inside the egg which you can use to claim your prize! The prizes we are offering are on a whole host of products such as a free CareCo Universal Bag or free Canvas Cushion. You’ll also be able to find discounts on some of our other products like 20% off the Montreal Leather Single Riser Recliner or £5 off the Universal Adjustable Table.

Now that the sun is returning and the temperature is rising a lot of our prizes are geared towards helping you getting out and about so that you can enjoy weather as much as possible. We have many accessories available for Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs meaning you gear up and make the most of the sun before it’s gone!

We hope you have a great Easter and that have a great deal of fun doing the CareCo Easter Egg Hunt! Spring is here and with the weather looking so bright there’s no excuse to stay in!