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CareCo How To… Guide – Using The Internet On The Move

Does modern technology confuse you? Astounded by the internet? Do you want to take part but don’t know where to start? Then the CareCo How To… Guide series is here to help! To end our two-week guide series today’s topic focuses on how to make the most of the internet whilst you’re on the move. While the internet may seem like a daunting modern tool, it can be key in improving your quality of life, keeping you social and connected with the world around you!mobile internet

Getting online and understanding how to use the internet has never been easier, but with over 7 million adults in the UK having never used the internet there are plenty of people that have never taken advantage of what it can offer. However, if you lead an active lifestyle the internet can help you in your day-to-day activities, especially when you’re on the move.

Mobile Phones/Smartphones

If you feel you’ve secured a good understanding of how to access everything you need to and want to take your usage a step further then investing in a smart phone may be the next stage. While mobile phones are great for helping you to keep in touch with family and friends through calls and text messages, smartphones are designed for you to use the internet whilst out and about. Whatever model you choose, many will have an internet application (or ‘app’) pre-installed for you to surf the web, as you would on your computer. However, you do have the choice to download – for free (check before downloading) – apps that you can use quickly and simply, erasing the fuss and confusion you might experience when searching for information through the internet.

  • Google: As you would use Google to search for information when using your computer, you can download the Google app to do the same whilst on the move. Whatever question is on your mind Google is sure to have the answer!
  • eBay and Amazon: As covered in previous guides, eBay and Amazon are ideal for making secure online purchases. With the help of their apps you can do so whilst out and about, ensuring you don’t leave anything off of your shopping list! Downloading the eBay and Amazon apps are also great ways of comparing prices when shopping in-store, saving you money through the click of a few buttons!
  • The Train Line: Ideal for checking train times and fares, The Train Line have developed a handy app for you to download onto your smartphone to take away the confusion of looking at a timetable. Simply enter when you want to leave/arrive in your chosen destination, choose your ticket type and the app will generate an easy to read table showing you the next departures and best prices.

With so much available to you we’d run out of space trying to show you everything! Just search your smartphone’s app store to find the best applications for you.


Tablets, iPads and Kindles work in much the same way smartphones do. Touchscreen, simple to use and compact in design, they’re great for users who want something a little larger in terms of screen size and accessibility. Due to their increased screen dimensions tablet computers do have an advantage over smartphones as they’re easier to read from, ideal for downloading newspapers, magazines and books onto. Available in a range of memory sizes, tablets are perfect for travelling with as you’re able to download lots of material onto them (like books) without the hassle of taking individual pieces in your luggage – extra space for souvenirs!

Whichever way you choose to access the internet on the move, don’t forget you can go back and read through all of CareCo’s How To… Guides by clicking here!