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CareCo How To… Guide – Creating Electronic Reminders

Does modern technology confuse you? Astounded by the internet? Do you want to take part but don’t know where to start? Then the CareCo How To… Guide series is here to help!

21st century day-to-day life is incredibly busy so we can all be forgiven for forgetting certain events or special dates from time to time. However, this needn’t be a problem any longer with the help of electronic reminders created on your computer or smartphone. Want to know more? Tired of forgetting birthdays, appointments or medication? Then read on!


Ideal for active computer users, setting up a reminder on your desktop or laptop is the perfect way to jog your memory whilst you work. Follow these simple steps and you’ll never forget a special event again!

Designed for Windows 7 and above:

  • Access the Start menu. Search for Tasks.
  • Select the Schedule Tasks link.Microsoft Windows
  • When the Tasks box appears select Action, followed by Create Basic Task.
  • You’ll be asked to name your reminder e.g. Medication. Click Next when you’re finished.
  • You’ll then be asked how often you want the reminder to appear – One Time (appointment), Daily (medication), Weekly or Monthly. Click Next.
  • Pick your chosen date and time. Click Next.
  • You’ll then be asked if you want a message to be displayed when the reminder appears on your desktop e.g. Take 5mg with water.
  • Finally, add a Title to your reminder e.g. Take Aspirin. Click Next to confirm your choices and Finish to set the reminder.


Appointment at 4pm


You’re also able to set reminders on your smartphone so you won’t forget things when on the go!


By calendar:

  • Select the Calendar app and click on your chosen date.
  • Select the + sign in the top right-hand corner.
  • Add the title and location of your reminder e.g. Birthday Party at ___’s house. Choose the time of the event and whether you want to repeat it (great for birthdays). You’re also able to choose whether you want an alert to remind yourself up to a week beforehand (perfect if you’re guilty of forgetting to buy birthday cards).
  • Click ‘Add’ and you’re done!

By Reminders app:

  • Select the Reminders app.
  • Select the + sign in the top right-hand corner.
  • Choose whether you want to create a reminder or a list (ideal for electronic shopping lists).
  • Enter your chosen title and select whether you want an alert to remind yourself (unlike the Calendar you’re able to remind yourself at any time). You can also rank your reminders in terms of their importance.
  • Click ‘Done’ when you’re finished.
  • You’re able to delete reminders once you’re finished with them.


  • google nowDownload the Google Now app or enable it on your phone.
  • In the top left-hand corner select the Menu icon and then search for Reminders. Enter the information needed.


  • Touch the Microphone icon.
  • Speak into the microphone and say “Remind me to…”. Your phone will convert your speech into a reminder.


  • Type ‘Remind me to’ into the search box. Your phone will convert your text into a reminder.

Whichever way you decide to record your reminder you’ll receive a notification when the event is approaching. You’re able to swipe away the notification when you’re finished with it.


If apps and notifications aren’t for you then why not just set yourself a simple alarm. Want to remind yourself to take a certain tablet at a specific time of the day? Just set an alarm on your phone to prompt you.