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CareCo LED Devices for Money & Energy Saving!

Slowly but surely, our old style lights are being replaced by more economical lighting and eco-friendly light bulbs. This is to reach international obligations on energy saving and carbon reduction to help the planet, but there are benefits for your home too. The following CareCo LED devices will save you money on your energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint while providing the bright lighting you need.

What are LEDs?

Although LEDs provide light, they are not like light bulbs. They work very differently. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Old incandescent bulbs passed electricity through a filament which would degrade with use and eventually burn out, meaning a replacement was necessary (usually 1-2 times per year). LEDs also differ from energy saving bulbs in that they light up very quickly (the phosphor inside energy saving models take time to warm up). That means instant bright light. They used to be prohibitively expensive for the modern household but production costs mean they are more cheaply available than ever before.

They use a fraction of the energy. Whereas an old tradition lightbulb could use up to 100W (taking 10 hours per bulb to generate 1kwh), LEDs are as low as 8W for equivalent brightness. Here are some examples of CareCo LED devices.

LED DevicesAlways Ready Night Light Torch

While LEDs help reduce your energy costs overall, the key to having an optimum energy bill is ensuring you switch appliances off in rooms you are not in and creating only the necessary ambience in the rooms you do use. This is the perfect night light to provide you with low-level energy at any time. There are five settings for low-level lighting, one for light only comes on when it detects movement and another to provide torchlight in the result of a power cut. CareCo LED devices are much better suited to repetitive on and off cycles than regular bulbs and energy saving bulbs.

LED Toilet Seat Light

Getting up in the middle of the night can be difficult at the best of times but when it’s dark and you can’t see where you’re going (and don’t want to put the light on to avoid waking others), there is a risk of injury. The LED toilet seat light in the range of CareCo LED accessories lights up when you get close to the toilet so you don’t need to put the bathroom light on. This is especially useful if your light is connected to a fan that generates a lot of noise in the middle of the night.

High Vision LED Reading Light

Most people tend to prefer an ambient glow in their rooms rather than using the large central light. In winter, it makes a room feel more comfortable and homely while reducing the amount of energy we expend in lighting. The high vision comes in a desk lamp for or a standing lamp but its quality is the same. It’s one of the portable lights for the office or a living room, offering high-quality centralised lighting. You’ll never struggle again to read in a dim room with this great item from the CareCo LED accessories range.

2 Way Light Wand

So far, the CareCo LED devices have been static or plugin. This unique device is a wand, light and transportable for use in difficult to reach places. Ideal for lighting up dark corners such as cupboards, it’s also useful for seeing into hard to reach places such as attics and cellars without having to carry a large and cumbersome light. You will also not trip over cables when entering those dark places in the top or the bottom of your home, making going much easier. Its long battery life and low energy emissions make this one of the most useful electric appliances in your home.