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CareCo Migraine Relief: Different Types of Migraine and Symptoms

Migraines are debilitating for sufferers. Although there are triggers in most cases, they can sometimes come on without warning or reason. You may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of migraine although they are all classed under two broad terms – migraine with aura and migraine without aura. There are options for CareCo migraine relief to help you get through what can be a difficult, scary and painful time.

Migraine Triggers

The precise causes and reasons for the beginning of a migraine remain unclear although exterior triggers appear to cause abnormal brain activity. However, we do understand that there are common triggers to patients no matter what type of migraine they experience. The range of reported triggers includes but not limited to:

  • Light, including bright lights (summer sunshine), strobe lighting, flickering computer screens
  • Weather conditions such as air pressure (stormy weather), erratic weather – moving rapidly from sunny to cloudy commonly seen in early autumn and early spring
  • Hormonal changes (such as period pain in women)
  • Stress including anxiety, depression, exhaustion, tension and even excitement
  • Some foods and drink (alcohol, fatty foods, sugar and caffeine) and even dehydration and hunger
  • Medicines that affect the chemical balance of the brain (antidepressants, HRT and contraceptives)
  • Other environmental factors such as smoky atmosphere, stuffiness, strong smells, humidity and loud noises

CareCo migraine relief can help with some of these symptoms.

The Types of Migraine

Migraine Without Aura: Symptoms include moderate or severe headaches with a pulsating pain. It will occur without warning and typically on just one side of the head. Patients will also experience slurred speech, nausea and sickness, blurred vision and sensitivity to light. They may also feel weakness, tiredness and confusion.

Migraine With Aura: Similar to those without aura, but the patient receives a visual “warning” anything between 10 minutes and an hour before a migraine occurs. They will have neurological symptoms that could include temporary loss of eyesight. Patients may suffer numbness and muscle weakness. A headache may or may not occur and it will look like a stroke to other people.

Hemiplegic Migraine: A type of migraine with aura, this rare condition may have a genetic cause. It causes temporary paralysis for anything between an hour and a few days although most will last no more than an hour or two. The patient will feel temporary paralysis down one side of the body, sometimes both. They may struggle to speak and even move.

Migraine with Brainstem Aura: This type of migraine mostly affects older children. It’s a type of “with aura” migraine but the patient will not experience weakness. It is most common in menstrual teenage girls but is not unheard of in boys.

CareCo Migraine Relief

Although the best advice to give people suffering from migraine will be standardised – lie down in a dark room or otherwise restrict access to light and make sure you rest during recovery there are some CareCo migraine relief supplies in our range to help you feel comfortable and ease some of the symptoms of this neurological conditions.

MigraineMigraine Relief Wrap

Using a gel mould to wrap around your head, it gives relief for a range of head conditions by applying heat pressure to the affected areas. It is reusable, surviving repeated heating and cooling and can be applied at any temperature. The gel will stay cooler (or warmer) for longer thanks to their temperature retaining nature. This is one of the best CareCo migraine relief devices you will own.

Wheat Warmer

Wheat warmers are useful for a range of conditions – not least of all some of the symptoms of a migraine. This wheat warmer will relieve the stress and tension of your neck, back and head that can sometimes lead to a migraine. It takes just a couple of minutes to heat in a microwave. The outer cover is machine washable too.