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CareCo’s Range of Walking Aids with Seats

CareCo Glider Rollator Walking Aids with Seats
CareCo Glider Rollator, £39.99

The limitations of tri-walkers and rollators might seem obvious to those of you who make use of mobility scooters and powerchairs for their mobility needs. But they do offer a great alternative, possibly even as a complementary aid, to those looking for a product that will help them manage short distances. They’re lightweight and highly transportable, and require little if any upkeep on your part.

It’s true that they don’t quite offer the comfort or versatility of a scooter or powerchair, but for the user who is a little more stable on their feet a rollator or tri-walker can make life much easier. But without the power of a scooter or powerchair, you might be a little concerned that you don’t have the stamina to get around on your tri-walker or rollator for an extended period of time and this is understandable.

Fear not! Some models offer sturdy, comfortable seats that are perfect for taking a quick break, whether you’re out for the day or navigating the aisles of a supermarket. Generally upholstered in vinyl, these seats are easy to clean and are sturdy enough to cope with larger users. These seats don’t interfere with the folding capabilities of the walking aid, so you’ll still have a convenient and portable mobility aid at your disposal.

Read on to find about more about some CareCo walking aids with seats, or follow the link to see the full range of walking aids.

Walking Aids with Seats

Uniscan Triumph Walking Aids with Seats
Uniscan Triumph Tri-Walker, £219.99

CareCo Glider (£39.99 with VAT relief): This convenient and simple to use rollator has a sturdy enough build to get you out and about both inside and outside. The ergonomic handles are ideal for those with limited strength in their wrists, while the arthritic-friendly loop cable brakes will lend an air of reassurance.

LiteTravel Rollator (£58.00 with VAT relief): The LiteTravel offers unparalleled support and a folding functionality that’s perfect for the frequent traveller. There’s a waterproof and washable seat with back support as well as a handy cane holder and a travel bag, into which the LiteTravel comfortably fits.

Uniscan Triumph Tri-Walker (£219.99 with VAT relief): As a tri-walker, the Uniscan Triumph offers a little more versatility than its rollator counterparts. In fact, the Triumph is a unique model, combining a lightweight yet durable frame with a padded, folding seat with backrest. The ‘one-touch’ locking lever brakes offer similar functionality to a bicycle, and there’s a handy walking stick holder too.