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CareCo Wet Weather Essentials for January

The first few months of a new year tend to be the wettest and coldest. The winter woollies are in and thin cotton clothing is out. This January has already seen snow for most parts of the UK, so maybe it’s time to upgrade the CareCo wet weather essentials in your wardrobe? Here is what we think are the most useful items in our range to help you survive in the bad weather.

Blazewear Heated Gloves

It isn’t just the wet from which you need protection in January, but the cold too. This simple pair of gloves is a popular item for those who like to get out and about in cold weather but don’t like the cold. However, they are not just for warmth. They are made from a waterproof material, so will keep you both dry and warm when on your travels. Use them in conjunction with other heated waterproof garments such as the body warmers. We feel Blazewear gloves are amongst the best CareCo wet weather essentials.

Scooter Seat and Control Covers

There are few things in life worse than getting onto a wet mobility scooter and it can be difficult to get it dry enough to sit comfortably. Then you have to clean all the excess water from the controls too. Although they are designed to work in all weathers, cold and wet weather can cause discomfort for the user. Amongst the range of CareCo wet weather essentials, we supply waterproof covers for your mobility scooter, all in one kits, covers for seats and covers for the controls only. Unlike other models, our covers also prevent leaks, stopping water getting underneath.

Wheelchair Ponchos and Aprons

Suitable for power chairs and manual wheelchairs, our ponchos and aprons will keep you dry. The difference is that aprons cover the bottom half of the body, stopping around the waist. Like a regular waterproof, the wheelchair ponchos in the CareCo wet weather essentials range covers up to the neck. With a hood, holes at the back for wheelchair handles and secure fasteners to ensure the garment doesn’t billow, this is the perfect accessory for the wheelchair user.

The Visibag

wet weatherThis is a CareCo wet weather essential accessory for anybody using a wheelchair or a mobility scooter in poor weather. Not only is it shower proof (will protect anything inside against light showers) it also has two high visibility panels. That way, if you’re on the road or a country lane with little street lighting, you will stand out to other road users. The Visibag has a lot of storage space including compartments for large and thin items such as large letters or paper documents.

Wheelie Umbrella

If it’s too warm for a wheelchair poncho apron or you simply don’t get on with them, a simple umbrella attachment may be more suited to your chair. It attaches to the back of the chair so you don’t need a third hand to move around while using it. It also has a flexible arm so you may adjust it for those occasions when the rain move sideways or otherwise comes down at an angle. The simple clamp allows easy attachment and removal from your chair.

Folding Ramps

Wheelchair ramps can be precarious in the cold and wet weather, but the CareCo range of ramps (with 2’, 3’ and 4’ models) has moulded rubber grips to stay firm no matter the weather. You may even put it down on a wet surface and it will not slide about. Our carefully chosen range of folding ramps protect you when you need to get up steps and is no hindrance to moving – it even folds and locks for easy storage.