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Essential CareCo Wheelchair Accessories

Have you just bought a new or replacement wheelchair from us? We hope it provides you with many years of happy use, proving the perfect mobility aid whatever your need. However, the right CareCo wheelchair accessories can make your experience that much more comfortable for your personal needs. Here is a selection of our favourites:

Wheelchair Pannier Bag

Naturally, wheelchair users need both hands to transport the things they need on a day out –whether a leisure trip or simply popping to the shops. A rucksack is impractical and a bag won’t fit too comfortably on the lap. That’s why you need a pannier bag from the range of wheelchair accessories. The Pannier Bag fits over the armrest, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it or it taking up too much room in the wheelchair. Treat it as you would a handbag, rucksack, or any other small storage parcel such as hand luggage.

wheelchair accessoriesGel Padded Wheelchair Gloves

Users of self-propelled wheelchairs know the dangers of getting a pinch from the moving parts and from blisters of vigorous movement. It can take its toll over time. That’s why our wheelchair accessories also include these sports gloves specially designed to use with a wheelchair. They provide superior comfort and grip when using your chair, while maintaining full control with the open fingers. The mesh provides circulation and they stay on easily with the Velcro strip. You don’t have to worry about them sliding off.

Phone and Valuable Holder

Do you want to get hold of your smartphone quickly without the risk of dropping it or having to route around for it in the Pannier Bag? This phone holder will to the wheelchair armrest so you can use it alongside your Pannier Bag (see above). With a Velcro strip to keep everything in place, it’s an ideal accessory to keep your small accessories in one convenient place.

Universal Seat Belt

Our range of wheelchair accessories are also about safety as well as convenience. You may not think you particularly need a seatbelt on a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, but if there is even the slightest risk of slipping or falling out, this will ensure comfort and security. Simply attach it to the chair and clip it around you as you would a lap belt in the back of a car. It stays in place as it affixes around the arms, ensuring stable use.

Kylie Chair Pad

Incontinence can affect some wheelchair users. You will not always have the time to make it to the bathroom and transfer. The Kylie Chair Pad is an absorbent seat pad designed to look like a normal pad used typically for comfort. It is comfortable, but it’s designed with those little accidents in mind. It’ll stay in position easily with a waterproof non-slip backing. You require discretion and this simple chair pad from the range of wheelchair accessories provide that for you.

Universal Head Rest

Whether you require a head rest for comfort or medical reasons, the wheelchair accessories range supplies this vital addition to your wheelchair. It will fit almost any standard wheelchair design (as long as the width is between 16” / 40cm and 22” / 55cm), so long as it has push handles. The bracket affixes across the handles and allows a surprising range of adjustments – height, width, and angle – to allow you to experience maximum comfort from the head rest.