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Why Choose The 2-In-1 CareCo Evolution Wheelchair?

CareCo Evolution Wheelchair
CareCo Evolution Wheelchair

With hints of summer in the air it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get out and about during those long, warm days. We here at CareCo stock such a varied range of wheelchairs that it can be hard to choose between what’s available, especially when every chair offers its own features and benefits. With that being said, are you someone looking for independence but occasionally need the assistance of an attendant or carer? We believe we have designed the perfect solution for you – the CareCo Evolution Wheelchair. Unlike anything else available on the market the CareCo Evolution is exactly that – an evolution in the world of mobility aids!

What makes the CareCo Evolution stand out from the rest is its functionality. Comprised of a lightweight aluminium frame, with a carry weight of only 1st 9lbs (10.4kg), the chair is fitted with standard solid, transit wheelchair wheels AND removable self-propelled wheelchair wheels – it’s two chairs in one!

CareCo Evolution Wheelchair
CareCo Evolution with wheels removed

When used as a self-propelled wheelchair the CareCo Evolution gives the user back their independence, letting them get on with their day without the need of an attendant. The self-propelled wheels have been designed with comfort in mind, with wide-set pushing rims making the chair easy to drive, whether you choose to wear gloves or not. Its self-propel option is ideal for those looking to get about alone, increasing self-confidence and the sense of independence and freedom. It’s also great for improving your fitness and mobility, as pushing yourself in the chair increases your upper-body strength. Furthermore, its hard-wearing rubber tyres are able to tackle a range of terrains, giving you the opportunity to travel further than ever!

However, for those times when you require some help, or want to use the chair in a tight space, simply remove the wheels and the CareCo Evolution is transformed into a transit wheelchair. We understand that while self-propelled wheelchairs are great for travelling independently, they can take up large amounts of room, especially considering the extra width added onto the frame size due to the wheels. The CareCo Evolution’s transit chair option decreases its size and weight, and with its reduced width you’re able to move around your obstacles and obstructions with ease. With its comfortable, easy-clean upholstery, padded armrests and adjustable footrests , the chair is ideal for use over long periods of time, great for days out or shopping trips with family and friends. Your attendant can be sure they’re in control the whole time through the use of the chair’s push handles and handbrakes, ensuring a smooth, bump-free journey.

CareCo Evolution Wheelchair
CareCo Evolution Handles & Brakes

Alongside this unique feature the CareCo Evolution is fitted with a detachable back rest, making folding the chair quick and simple. When folded the chair is compact and easy to carry, measuring in at only 32.5cm (13in) wide, great for storing at home or in your car boot, or taking away with you on holiday, either home or abroad. Plus, despite its light weight and small size the CareCo Evolution can accommodate for user weight up 19st 10lbs (125kg), opening up a new way to travel for a wide range of users.

As standard, the CareCo Evolution (as do all of our wheelchairs) comes with a 12 month warranty guaranteeing its durability and high quality, as well as three months free insurance and breakdown cover, so you can get going as soon as possible.

Exclusively available through CareCo, the CareCo Evolution is currently priced at £279 (VAT relief included), saving you a huge £320 off of its RRP of £599! With its many great features, superb level of functionality and comfort, and ability to be transformed in an instant, why go to the trouble of paying for two wheelchairs – and trying to store both – when you could invest in the CareCo Evolution?