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Why Should You Choose a Pavement Mobility Scooter?

A pavement mobility scooter may be viewed as a of a middle of the road choice. It doesn’t have as much portability as a travel scooter and it can be used on the road like a 6-8mph model. A jack of all trades, master of none. However, this couldn’t further from the truth. For many who need a mobility scooter a pavement scooter is the ideal choice and here’s why.

Comfortable and Agile

If you intend on using your scooter daily then a pavement mobility scooter is a smart choice. The extra heft that they have over a travel scooter provides a smoother ride and greater comfort, while their short wheelbase makes them easier to manoeuvre in busy towns compared to a 6-8mph model. The Pride Colt Twin is great demonstration of this, with its agility further enhanced by its unique wheel layout. So, if you’re someone who likes a good shopping trip and you don’t need to use a road to get there then a pavement scooter may be the ideal choice.

Plenty of Range for Exploration

It’s not only the comfort that makes a pavement scooter a great daily driver, the larger batteries in comparison to a travel scooter are also a big bonus. Since they don’t need to be limited in size to be suitable for air travel the range can be extended by increasing their total capacity. For example, the Drive Mercury Envoy 4 has a range of up to 30 miles provided by a set of 50Ah batteries. A travel distance of this size makes it ideal for driving to the town centre, even if you live in the more residential outskirts of your local area.

A Pavement Mobility Scooter Can Be Portable

If you still need a scooter that has portability features but aren’t concerned about taking it abroad then a portable pavement scooter is the ideal choice. The larger batteries give you the superior range already mentioned, but it can still be easily taken apart and put in a car boot for when you need to. The Sterling Sapphire 2 is a perfect example of this. Its next-generation splitting mechanism makes it easy to separate into multiple sections, while its double battery layout provides 19 miles of range. And it can do all this while still having the refinement of other pavement scooters.

Small Enough to Use Indoors

A disadvantage of a 6-8mph scooter is that they’re usually too large to use inside buildings or on public transport. However, a pavement mobility scooter is likely to be small enough to use inside numerous buildings and even on trains (and the odd bus). Provided there is disabled access this compact size opens up a whole host of new areas to explore and essentially extends the range of your scooter. Of course, a travel scooter may also be capable of this but they lack many of the advantages already mentioned.

If you’re convinced a pavement mobility scooter is right for your situation then check out the full CareCo range here.