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Coming Up With A Business Name

One of the earliest decisions you will need to make is what to call your work from home business. Few take the time to think about it, considering it a frivolous distraction from the actual work and making money. However, it deserves your time and attention and it is not as easy as you might think. Before you go on through this article, it is worth noting that you will need to research a few things.

Ensure Uniqueness

Even with a great name, it’s vital to ensure that it isn’t already in use by another company in the same industry. What would be worse is if you share a catchment area. A few quick web searches will be enough to satisfy the fact that you are not treading on anybody’s toes. With an international business, you may find yourself subject to litigation if they feel you are attempting to hijack their business. With a small business in the same industry, you may simply lose customers.

Look For Timelessness

Unless your business is very much of its time, a name can date very quickly. Naming a business similarly to a book or film of the time may pass too quickly. 50 Shades of Bread may lose its cultural reference ten years from now. If potential customers will not get the reference in a few years, don’t use it. You are looking for something catchy and memorable, but passing fads are not timeless.

Avoid Misspelling Words

It may seem catchy at the time, but misspelling can confuse your audience if it can be interpreted in multiple ways. What may be obvious to you will not be obvious to others. In 1996, a comedy film called That Thing You Do featured a fictional band called “The Oneders”. This misspelling was supposed to be pronounced “The Wonders” but throughout, comperes introduced them as “The Oh-knee-ders”. Don’t confuse your audience.

What Type of Name?

The Safe & Descriptive Name

This type of business name works for certain industries. In others, it might feel dull and uninspired. If you produce arts and crafts, you would be able to get away with Sarah Bloggs Designs. In the digital marketplace, this could work in your favour or it could go against you. In its favour, people will remember your name (Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater). Against it, it is not particularly catchy unless you can build an enormous reputation. Look through internet marketplaces like Etsy to see some examples of good names.

The Catchy Name

Word association is a great way to come up with a catchy name. A proofreader using the name World of Word Craft is a memorable choice because of the association with the video game. Be careful that you don’t infringe any copyright though. Also, don’t be afraid to use portmanteau words either (two halves of words shunted together – like Brexit = Britain and Exit. Chillax = chill and relax)

The One Word Name

The shorter your business name, the easier it is to remember. One word is short and punchy, as are two words totally two or three syllables. Although not a guarantee, you have a higher chance of potential customers remembering the name. Sir Alan Sugar’s first business was called Amstrad. They were well known for producing computers in the 1980s. What does Amstrad mean? Simply, a contraction of Alan Michael Sugar Trading.

Tips For Making Your Name Relevant

Regardless of your name, it must make sense to your industry. Technology services should require modern technological sounding names. A great example is a company in Northern Ireland called TechStartNI. They offer advice and services to start ups in the technology industry. You may find that some names are unavailable because they are industry relevant. #Help will put people in mind of a third party technology solutions company. “Weedaway” has obvious undertones of gardening.