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Crutch and Cane Accessories to Enhance Your Walking Aid

A walking stick, cane or crutches are essential mobility aids for a lot of people. Getting around independently on a daily basis simply wouldn’t be possible for many without them. However, a standard walking aid can be enhanced by being set up properly and paired with the right crutch or cane accessories. Here are a few of the most helpful.

Crutch and Cane Accessories for When You’re Moving

Pathfinder LED Light

Poorly maintained pavements can make it all too easy to accidently place the end of your walking stick into a crack and cause you to trip, this especially likely when it goes dark. The Pathfinder LED Light is a cane accessory that can light up the path ahead to help prevent this from happening. The device replaces the standard ferrule on the base of the stick and lights up each time it touches the ground, giving you a quick view of the path ahead and helping you be seen by others passing by.

Comfi Crutch Grips

One of the most unpleasant elements of having to use crutches is the soreness that it can create on your hands. The constant pressure of having to grip the handles can leave them feeling raw and painful. The Comfi Crutch Grips are an elegant solution to that problem. The material used is soft enough for comfort but firm enough to provide support for your wrists and they’re far more comfortable than simply wrapping a cloth around the handles, as many do.

Crutch and Cane Accessories for When You’re Seated

Walking Stick Holder

If you use a stick or crutch you’ll know the inconvenience of having to prop it up against a table or wall. This may not sound all that bad but it can get annoying if it keeps falling over or getting knocked down. Fortunately, the Walking Stick Holder is a simple and effective solution. This pocket-sized object sits on the edge of table held in place by a weight and rubber pad. It then has a spring-loaded claw that holds a walking stick or crutch in place, so you’ll never have to pick it back up again.

CareCo Crutch Walking Stick Bag

Quite often those who use a walking stick or crutches also use a wheeled mobility aid, such as a scooter. However, transporting a stick while using a scooter can be tricky at best. This is where the CareCo Crutch and Walking Stick Bag is ideal amongst cane accessories. Not only is there copious amounts of storage space for your belongings but it has dedicated holders for you walking aid. This makes it easy to seamlessly transfer from seated to standing travel with your stick.

These are just a few of the great crutch and cane accessories that can enhance you walking aid, but plenty more can be found here.