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Simple Ways to Cut Costs this Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time of year for anybody, the food, gifts, and decorations add up quickly. Nevertheless, many people feel as though they can’t have an indulgent Christmas without splurging and do so freely. For many people though this isn’t an option and the celebrations can end up being a sparse affair. However, by being savvy with your money you can cut costs and have a memorable Christmas with all the trimmings.

Cut Costs on Decorations by Making Your Own

The first way you cacut costs christmasn cut costs at Christmas is by making your own decorations. It may seem easier to go ahead and buy a whole load of new decorations for the year – the festive colours are tempting – but by making your own you can save a significant sum of money. It can also be a great activity for younger family members. It gets kids and grandchildren involved in the creativity of decorating and you can reuse the decorations each year. They will also acquire sentimental value as each Christmas passes, rather then just ending up in the bin a year or two later.

Make Your Own Cards or Send E-Cards

Another way to make savings is by hand making cards or sending online e-cards. For close relatives and friends, you could make your own greeting cards, like the decorations its an excellent way to get kids involved and add a personal touch to the gesture. For more distant relations who you don’t see as often you could choose to send a digital greeting through social media or email. For some it may seem impersonal, but by writing a tailored message it can hold just as much value as a generic shop bought card that’s sold in bulk.

Buy Less Expensive Food and Drink

Food is one of tcut costs christmashe largest costs during Christmas time, so money saved in this area can make a big difference. Many of us buy high-end ingredients for Christmas, but there can actually be excellent quality to be found at the more affordable end. For example, frozen turkey and vegetables are much cheaper than fresh ones and not getting pre-made items – like stuffing balls – is also a cost saver, it’s cheaper to do some of the prep yourself. Finally, branded alcohol can be very expensive over own label, so look for deals or get the cheap option. After a few you might not even notice the difference.

Don’t Impulse or Panic Buy on Gifts

Buying presents is where most of the Christmas budget usually goes, but you can still cleverly cut costs here as well. If you’re looking for a specific present it always helps to shop around, the best place to do this first is online, as even physical retailers may have an online shop with reduced prices. You can also sell things that you don’t use anymore. Many of us have stuff we’ve accumulated from previous Christmases that could be used to fund new presents, cutting overall costs. This is a great way to get a quick boost in Christmas funds without maxing out credit cards.