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Alleviating Discomfort with the Right Adjustable Bed Position

Many people buy an adjustable bed to help with discomfort they experience during or after sleeping. If you’ve recently bought an adjustable bed or about to purchase one you’ll want to get the most out of it. By getting the bed position right you can shift and spread your weight in the right way to alleviate discomfort and other issues. Here are some of the most effective configurations:

Alleviating Pain with Your Bed Position

Joint and muscular pain is one of the most common physical annoyances from a poor bed position and can be really debilitating, but the right adjustments can help.

Upper bac4ft 6inch Westminster Deluxe bed positionk – To take pressure off your upper back, shoulders, and neck it’s best to elevate the upper section of the bed, similar to as if you were in a reclined seat. This shifts your weight towards your lower body, taking some of the work off the upper back.

Lower back – To reduce pain in the lower back and lumbar area you should elevate the bed position at the legs. This is essentially the inverse of the upper back position as it moves the weight towards your shoulders. This can also help strengthen the lower back.

Hips – If you have discomfort or weakness in your hips – perhaps due to an operation – you can alleviate it by slightly lifting both your legs and back with the bed. This cradles you evenly and gives less direct work to your hips. It’s also good for general comfort as long as the angle isn’t too steep.

Improving Circulation with Your Bed Position

Pressure on joints and muscles isn’t the only type of discomfort you may experience while in bed, you may also have an issue with circulation. But once again the right bed position can help.

Raising your feet – Raising the feet can benefit overall circulation, potentially alleviating symptoms of circulatory conditions. For example, the appearance and pain that comes with varicose veins can be helped by raising your legs. Additionally, injuries such as ankle sprains or impacts to the feet can be helped during recovery as it reduces swelling.

6ft Westminster Deluxe bed positionRaising your torso – Raising the upper body has a similar effect in making circulation easier, but doesn’t target the lower body areas. Instead, gravity makes it easier for the heart pump the blood around the body, which can be beneficial if you have issues with heart strength and health.

Helping Breathing with Your Bed Position

Restriction to the respiratory system can occur when you’re lying in certain positions, but an adjustable bed can tweak things to make the air flow more easily.

Raising your torso – If breathing is your primary difficulty the best thing to do is to raise your torso. This opens up the ribcage slightly and allows your lungs to inflate more freely. This makes breathing less restrictive and helping conditions like snoring and sleep apnoea. Despite this being the only position that actively helps breathing, it also has additional benefits already stated.

If you’re struggling with finding comfort in you adjustable bed, give the corresponding bed position try and you’ll likely see improvement.