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Does Taking too Many Antibiotics have a Negative Impact on us?

Antibiotics are major, if not the most important breakthrough in medical science. Its role in life-threatening effects and complications of infection is immense, that people have become too dependent on it. They fail to realize that this treatment must be used in conjunction with other means such as boosting the immune system, replacing of reduced good bacteria and being cautious about its side-effects. There are individuals, for the sake of ‘peace of mind’, would ingest multiple types of antibiotics at the same time during illnesses.antibiotics

The following paragraphs discuss some of the negative impacts on taking too many antibiotics.

Impact on Digestion

There are more than a trillion counts of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. It is a fact that some might be harmful, yet there are strains that are beneficial to the body in terms of immunity and digestion. These helping bacteria are commonly called the normal flora. Because antibiotics cannot distinguish the good from the harmful strains, the former can also be wiped out during the course.

These friendly bacteria residing in the intestines are nutritionally useful because it helps in several forms such as in absorbing nutrients, breaking down and converting nutrients into forms that are readily used by the body, and keeping the candidiasis (yeast) properly balanced.

Impact on the Body’s Defense

When antibiotics are overused or have being used for a long period of time, the immune system can weaken particularly in the fight against chronic and degenerative conditions. The body’s immunity is always on watch for foreign bodies, cell defects and mutation. These fighter cells are even considered as the fastest growing cells in the human body. Around 80% of these immunity bodies and neurochemical involve in human body’s second line of defense is manufactured with the help of the good bacteria in the digestive tract. The production starts during fetal period, but significant developments happen during the first grade period.  There are two interesting happenings to be noted: first, the process of development goes up to long journey until adulthood, and the system has well-working memory against these invaders. Its primary role is to destroy these invaders using the tactics which have worked during their past dealings with the enemies.

Impact on Complexion

Taking too much dosage of the antibiotics is also responsible for some skin complications such as pallor, skin rashes and bluish discoloration of the nails and lips.

images (12)Moreover, it is observed that tetracyclines and its derivatives can render the skin sensitive to sun and other sources of light such as lightbulbs and lamps. Hence, it is recommended to stay indoors while on tetracycline drug course.

Antibiotic Stewardship

There are other countries that promote antibiotic stewardship, which is considered as a set of strategies that help in the campaign against misuse of the antibiotics. There are several ways that people must consider in order to avoid the impacts of too much intake of this drug.

  1. Take antibiotics only when prescribed by the attending physician
  2. If advised by the attending physician to take the medicine, ask on what to do in cases of missed dose
  3. Take the antibiotics as recommended, and complete the entire regimen
  4. Leftover antibiotics must be thrown away in order to avoid using the same preparation if the symptoms happen to recur. If it does, re-visit the attending physician
  5. When other person has the same symptom, never take similar antibiotics and dosage
  6. As much as possible, never pressure the physician to prescribe antibiotics
  7. Improve lifestyle, practice good hygiene, and take foods and drinks that boost immunity
  8. Make sure children have received the needed vaccination against diseases

Antibiotics are drugs that help fight bacteria in our body when we fall ill, but taking too much of it can cause an adverse effect to our body normal function.