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Effects of Taking too much Medicine and Treatment

Few of the medical issues which might have been underrated by the society and medical communities are overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Overdiagnosis is defined as the diagnosis of the condition that will not cause symptoms or death in the individual’s lifetime. Also, overtreatment refers to unnecessary medical interventions such as diagnostic tests and surgery. They are more often caused by overdiagnosis. This could also be referring to medical managements that may be more complex and cost higher, yet they have not been strongly proven to be effective to the particular condition.medicine

This type of culture in the medicine is possibly related to the need of the doctors to ‘say’ something and ‘do’ something to each patient complaint. Most people feel that the time and cost of their doctor’s visit must be some sort of worth. They don’t want to leave empty-handed, and if that did happen, they may feel not being attended appropriately. Other possible reasons include misunderstanding of the healthcare news and statistics.

There could be several reasons why taking too much medicine and treatments can have negative effects. These include;

Reality of Side-Effects

It is can be plainly said that every medicine have side-effects. Combination of drugs can give a much worse scenario due to adverse effects. It is not possible to predict which drugs when mixed with another may create toxic shock to the patient, and possibly death. Even if properly prescribed with the right medicine, adverse effect can still occur. If the variety of medicines is taken simultaneously, the people might double or triple the risk. For example, it could be fatal when a person is taking more than a single form of aspirin at one time.

Some Dangers with Technologiesmedical mac hine

It is important to consider that there are procedures that employ the use of machines and innovations which may harm or endanger an individual’s life. For instance, CT scan has been routinely used for nearly everyone with complaints of little headache, but found not to too useful, yet these health people have already exposed to the CT radiation.

Misalignment of Finances

It has become habit of the physicians to prescribe different types of laboratory tests and other expensive treatments to the general consulting population, while dismissing some of their individualities.  Ordering diagnostic tests are great way to shorten assessment and physical examination period with the patient. It is critical for them to regard each patient, and what are his or her particular needs so that they cannot expend on the tests and drugs unnecessarily.

What to Do before Taking Medications

  • Be Doubtful

There are doctors who feel compelled to provide diagnosis for the set of complaints presented. Their best guess might not be the correct one. It can be helpful to show some doubts, and ask for some basis and explanation.

  • Be Skeptic

When tempted to take in over-the-counter pills and drugs, just think more than once. Ask self if the symptom is already unbearable or can halt important task. Moreover, when doctors advised for treatments and certain drugs, feel free to inquire its necessity and ask him to help you weigh its pros and cons.

  • Be Vigilant

There are times that the side-effects of the drugs can be more bothersome than the illness. It is important to watch out for the expected side-effects and the possible adverse drug reactions, which are potentially life-threatening. Before taking new drugs, try to do inquire from the physician, read drug literatures and browse internet for testimonials.

Although one have to seek medical help when ill or having a symptom, it is important that we also take caution on the medications and treatment offered by our doctors. This will help reduce the negative effects medications will have on us both now and in future.