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Electric Riser Recliner Chairs – The best way to relax this weekend!

Savannah Electric Riser Recliner Chiar
Savannah Electric Riser Recliner Chiar

With rain forecast this weekend we recommend staying in and relaxing in the comfort of your own home.
What better way to do that then with an Electric Riser Recliner! These chairs are special because not only do they let you recline backwards and put your feet up, but they also lower and raiser you in and out of the chair, great for those who struggle with their mobility.

Very easy to use, a Riser Recliner can be operated by a simple handset which can raise, lower and recliner you at the touch of the button. Using an electric motor Riser Recliner Chair can smoothly and gently help you in and out of the chair meaning that there is no need to get from third party assistance.

Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

A Single Motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair has one motor which means that the footrest and the backrest work together, raising your feet and reclining your back at the same time. This is ideal for sleeping or just laying back and relaxing but also allows you to sit normally.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

Electric Riser Recliner Chairs that use a dual motor are able to raise the footrest independently of the backrest. This is useful because not only can you lie back on your chair like you can with a single motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair but you can also just keep your legs up on the footrest or just recline your back. This helps especially where you wish to do activities such as reading, watching TV or eating.

Montreal Leather Riser Recliner Chair

Looking for a stylish Electric Riser Recliner Chair? The Montreal Leather Electric Riser Recliner is an example of a great Riser Recliner which comes in real leather and looks good with almost all furniture ranges. Yet don’t be fooled into thinking that this style comes at considerable cost, the Montreal Leather Electric Riser Recliner Chair represents great value for your money unlike most Riser Recliner Chairs that come in leather.

Montreal Electric Riser Recliner Chair
Montreal Electric Riser Recliner Chair

Although it may not be great weather this weekend that doesn’t need to stop you having a relaxing time!  With a Recliner Chair you have everything you need to sit back in comfort and unwind.We think with the Montreal Leather Electric Riser Recliner Chair not only will you be able to relax but you will be to enjoy the benefits of having a very stylish chair due to the striking leather of the Montreal Electric.