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Featured CareCo Home Hygiene Products

Home hygiene is an ongoing battle. It’s a daily task to wipe down surfaces to keep them free from bacteria and germs. In turn, this keeps us healthy within the environment that we most cherish. There are many brands from which to choose including household names and cheaper alternatives. Here, a sample of the CareCo home hygiene products should help you decide which would be best for you and your home, including hand wipes, machine wipes and hand sanitisers. We also hope to show you something a little different.

Can We Really Have Bacteria Free Home?

Despite claims that advertisers make about killing the majority of bacteria in your home, it’s important to remember that most bacteria is harmless. Our bodies harbour and host bacteria beneficial for our health and survival. They digest food and fight off infection. There is such a thing as “good bacteria” as claimed in some well-known yoghurt adverts. What you need to do is keep surfaces clean to remove or minimise harmful bacteria such as e-Coli, MRSA and salmonella, especially if you have a medical condition that makes you critically sensitive to infection. NHS and other medical professionals recommend some of the following CareCo home hygiene range.

AZODET Multisurface Wipeshygiene

Surface wipes are a quick and easy way to combat dirt and grime that harbours harmful bacteria in the home. Why choose this brand over your regular household name? CareCo home hygiene is all about using the substances and materials that health professionals recommend. This is one of those products. The reason is that it is most effective against the most harmful household bacteria including e-Coli and MRSA. If you’re in a vulnerable state of health and at risk from these, then this may be better than your present brand. Unlike some other brands, it does not irritate the skin.

AZOMAXACTIVE Surface Detergent

This simple household CareCo home hygiene product is another NHS recommended stock item. You have the choice of a spray or a wipe, but both are as effective as each other. The spray allows you to get into the nooks and crannies that may be unreachable with the wipe and the wipe permits quick and easy cleaning. Both are non-irritant and recorded as effective against salmonella, MRSA and other harmful types of bacteria that you may experience in the home. You also do not need to worry about your surfaces. Unlike some household brands, it will not smear or damage your furniture and work surface.

Nilaqua Instant Foam Sanitiser

Small enough to be carried around in the pocket, you needn’t worry about getting caught short when handling potentially contaminated surfaces. Most hand sanitisers come in 50ml bottles, but this is slightly larger. Some customers prefer the foam to gel or liquid as it is easy to wipe off and does not leave a residue. Some do not like alcohol hand sanitisers for a variety of reasons, one of which is the dry feeling that they tend to leave after use. This hand sanitiser from CareCo home hygiene contains no alcohol; it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

AZOWIPE Equipment Wipes

While many of the above CareCo home hygiene products are suitable for hard surfaces and for your hands, when it comes to cleaning medical equipment you need something that won’t damage electronics or destroy lubrication on moving parts. Azowipe equipment wipes are perfect for all of your medical equipment needs. With a quick contact time and a formula that won’t damage metal or plastics, hospital A&E departments, specialist clinics and medical facilities use this wipe for extra cleanliness. It’s also a common disinfectant wipe for hospitality as restaurants and hotels must adhere to strict guideless on cleanliness.