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Who Needs a FitBit? CareCo Weight Loss Accessories

You have probably already seen the CareCo range of exercise equipment. We supply pedal exercise devices, resistance bands, exercise balls and steppers amongst other things. Our customers are delighted with these simple and effective devices. As useful as they are, some people require active monitoring of their exercise progress. For the more advanced exerciser and people who like to set personal goals, perhaps one of the following devices will be more beneficial or complementary to your other CareCo weight loss appliances.

What is a FitBit and how Does it Work?

FitBit (and its various clones) is a wearable physical activity tracker that you attach to your arm, leg or keep in your pocket during physical activity. It tracks body movements, distance via GPS and other data to calculate your weight loss, calories burnt, pace during a run, swim or cycle. All of this adds up to provide you with information on exercise and weight loss. It’s also active in that it provides tips for weight loss and eating healthy. It then transmits this data onto your profile for later viewing. It’s not for everybody and you will find that the CareCo weight loss appliances below fulfil some of the features of the FitBit, but with some additional advantages.

fitbitAll In One Diet Monitor

This CareCo weight loss appliance does most things a wearable fitness tracker does and then some. The most important feature in this device is the diet planner. That is something that other electronic devices of this kind do not do. Diet planners can complete your exercise tracking in encouraging you to be better at what you eat and how much you eat. Equally useful is a BMR monitor (Basal Metabolic Rate) and BMI (Body Mass Index) analyser. Both help in other ways, enhancing the experience of weight loss, tackling the second aspect of fitness and reducing weight – food, metabolism.

There is also a useful calorie consumption monitor. Although the calorie record is not the only measure of your food intake (you need to ensure you get the right range of nutrition including vitamins and minerals), but calories are a major contributing factor to how people gain and lose weight. We may rely on it too much, but it is very important. A calorie counter is something that most wearable exercise trackers do not have.

This CareCo weight loss device also has a heart rate monitor so you can track your performance during exercise. Heart rate is an indication of how hard our body must work during exercise and you will find you perform better the more you exercise.

Electric Circulation and Muscle Exerciser

Exercise machines are great. Exercise progress trackers are also great; wearables have revolutionised how we exercise. It’s not much of a leap now to include exercise machines and equipment with in-built trackable information. This simple electric circulation and muscle exerciser is a great complement for your CareCo weight loss accessories and exercise equipment. You don’t need fancy equipment or intense exercise regimes to keep fit and healthy. This pedal exerciser is great for improving both your circulation and muscle strength; you can use it while watching the television or otherwise simply sat in the chair on a dark, cold and wet night. You can even exercise your upper body such as your arms and chest when placing it on a table.

As a CareCo weight loss accessory, this also tracks your progress. It will tell you how many calories you’ve burned while it monitors the number of revolutions and the intensity at which you pedal. There are twelve-speed settings and you can adjust the exercise programme to suit your body. If you’ve recently recovered from an injury and going through rehabilitation to work the muscles again, this is the ideal device.