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Five of the Fastest Growing Work from Home Businesses

Are you considering starting a work from home business but are not entirely sure what you want to do? You’re not the only one. Although we advise against “playing it by ear”, many new work from home businesses are often vague on the finer details until they get their first client. Not everybody has or can have a business plan until they understand which direction their work is heading. To that end, we have listed the five most common new work from home businesses that you may contemplate for yourself.

Home BusinessProofreading

One of the fastest growing areas for home businesses is proofreading. Proofreaders check the written material of others to correct errors in spelling, grammar and syntax. Proofreaders also need a keen eye for writing style for the appropriate audience. With a growing number of start-ups requiring business blogs, websites, magazines and so on, proofreaders ensure that content comes across as professionally written. It’s a great option for the work from home because it doesn’t require a great deal of capital to begin. All you need is a computer, an email address and a decent word processor.

Content Writing Or Copywriting

Writing for the web is one of the most fulfilling self-employment jobs. There are subtle differences between these two job titles. A content writer focuses on quality of content – for them, it is about the value of the writing to the reader. A copywriter has more knowledge about how to market their content. You can easily overlap the two, and many do, but most web writers do have a preference one way or the other. If you have deep knowledge of certain subjects or great research skills, content writing will be more for you. If you have experience and interest in marketing and the more technical aspect of web searching, copywriting is the better option.


You may want to try your hand at professional photography but it will require investment in expensive equipment – especially a camera and multiple lenses. It is not just an art; it is also a great business service and your revenue may be greater from the latter than from the former. With stock imagery becoming ever more expensive and businesses looking for something unique for their websites, leaflets and brochures, this is just as important as written material in selling a business’ products and services. It may be advisable to take a qualification in photography such as a GCSE or A-Level to brush up on your professional skills.

Remote Virtual Assistant

Administration is another job role that many businesses now outsource. It’s an ideal role for working parents, the semi-retired and the retired who want to earn a little extra cash and take advantage of the flexibility. But what is a VA? Simply, you carry out the day-to-day administration tasks that grind down a business’ activities and distract them from operating their businesses. Organising receipts and invoices ahead of tax returns, filing, administration, answering or sending supplier queries or answering customer emails are all common tasks carried out by a VA. Businesses who cannot afford (or do not have enough work for) a full time employee will outsource whatever they can.

Social Media Management

Are you familiar with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, WhatsApp and a multitude of others? Businesses need a web presence on most of these sites. The problem is, the more they need, the more time it takes up. An ever-expanding team of marketers is not an option due to financial constraints.  What a growing number of businesses do is outsource this aspect of their customer outreach. You need to be savvy at using these sites, the sort of language they use, the audience and methods for reaching out to customers. If you like spending a lot of time on social media and would like to be paid for it, this could be the business for you.