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Foot Care Products to Relieve Those Aches and Pains

Pain in the arches, hard heels, blisters; these are just some of the unpleasant feelings that can occur on our feet. The small silver lining is that the feeling of taking care of your feet is as good as the pain and dryness is bad. To help you do just that here are just a few foot care products we supply at CareCo.

Foot Care Products to Reduce Soreness

Zest Infrared Foot Massager

Zest Infrared Foot MassagerThe Zest Infrared Foot Massager is a great way to relieve tension and soreness in your feet. The softly lined openings enclose your feet snuggly with the help of an air bag, while you can also select a setting that will massage the area giving you trouble using acupressure. The infrared heating feature also helps reduce any discomfort while simultaneously encouraging circulation, which itself can cause pain if restricted. The fabric can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Deluxe Foot Spa

Giving your feet a good soak is always a nice feeling, especially if you’ve been standing and walking all day. It’s even better if you can combine that soak with a relaxing massage. The Deluxe Foot Spa does just that. This spa has temperature control, acupressure, massage rollers, nail dryer and aroma diffuser for a truly comprehensive foot care experience. There’s even a pedicure kit under the front cover, so you can add nail care into your routine.

Foot Care Products for Grooming

Foot Cleaner with Pumice

Foot Cleaner with PumiceDry skin and hardness on the bottom of your feet is something many of us wish we could avoid altogether, but to our inconvenience it takes a bit of self-grooming. This Foot Cleaner with Pumice is a simple and affordable product to help you do just that. It can be stuck to the base of a bathtub or shower, allowing you to give your feet a good firm scrub without bending down or contorting yourself. This is especially useful if you’re not the most flexible.

Nail Clipper with Magnifier

When it comes to trimming nails it can be difficult to be accurate if you have reduced eyesight, but the Nail Clipper with Magnifier is a simple solution to this common problem. Just as described the product is a nail clipper with a miniature magnifying glass on top to give you a better view of what you’re doing. This means you’ll get a neater cut and be less likely to catch the skin on the end of your finger or toe. As an extra helping hand there is a plastic cover on the lever to stop you finger slipping.

These are just a few foot care products that are offered by CareCo, but many more can be found here.