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Get a grip on those weeds with these gardening tips

Weeds are the arch-nemesis of the casual gardener, especially in the summer. You can spend as long as you like making your garden look beautiful but these unwanted guests have the ability to ruin all your good work! As the summer months approach, it’s time you got a grip on your weeds. Here are five great tips to help:

  1. Wet the soil or weed after it rains

The time when you weed can be a crucial factor in your success. After rain, the soil is not particularly tough, and it can be very easy to simply pluck the weed and its roots out. If it hasn’t rained in a while, just water them first and get them immediately after that. It’s vital that the whole root comes out in order to avoid repeat problems, and this is the best time to do it!

  1. Get the tough weeds with vinegar

If you can’t quite get all the roots out, or you are just in a situation where you want to make absolutely sure they are not coming back having removed them, use vinegar. It’s an excellent weed killer and is a simpler solution to the over-the-counter products… plus it’s probably already on your kitchen table waiting to be put to good use!

  1. Mulch, mulch, and mulch again

Mulching is the secret weapon of an expert weed assassin. Weeds thrive when they have light, and if you mulch the weeded area, it won’t be able to grow. It’s important to make sure your mulch is not laced with weed seeds in the first place, as this can be counter intuitive, so cardboard or polythene is preferred to compost. A good mulch can kill existing weeds and stop new ones from growing at the same time, the two-pronged attack required to keep your weed situation well under control.

  1. Targeted watering

A cardinal sin of any gardener is careless watering. If you lazily water your plants, you risk also watering the weeds growing under the soil and heling them thrive. Make sure you don’t let the sprinkler anywhere near your garden and carefully tend to plants individually with a watering can. It may be a little extra effort, but it’s a lot less effort than the large weeding job that may result from the careless watering

  1. Destroy them for good!

Another cardinal sin is thinking just removing the roots of the weed destroys your problem… If you remove your weeds and then simply dispose of them in your compost pile, the weeds are given a chance to plot their return to your garden as they are not properly dead. Be brutal and burn them! That way there is no possibility that more weeds will grow in the vicinity.

So, armed with these new tips, get back out there and get a grip on your weeds! Crucially, learn to be brutal and plan to keep the weeds away forever after you have removed them. It could save you a lot of work down the line.