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Harmful Effects of Drinking Fizzy Drinks

People’s inclination towards fizzy drinks is attributed to its good taste and fizzy experience in the mouth.  It is because these drinks contain carbonated water, sweetener and flavors that appeals to individuals of any age. While fizzy drinks are delighting part of every meal, snacks or party, here are some of the possible effects of fizzy drinks to the body.

Fizzy Drinks may lead to Obesity

fizzy drinkFizzy drinks can cause obesity for obvious reasons. Sweets and fizzy drinks have loads of sugar. A daily dose of 330ml per day might mean more than 2 lbs of weight gain in a single month. There are several studies which revealed that consumption of soft drinks is directly related to obesity. This has been proven by decreasing the intake of soda among teenagers, which resulted in the reduction of the participants’ body mass index.

Psychologists also analyzed that fizzy drinks manipulate a person’s taste perception. It makes him crave for more sugary and sweet foods.

Fizzy Drinks may Damage the Teeth

The high level of sugar in the fizzy drinks reacts with the bacteria on the teeth surfaces, and releases harmful acids which are real threat to dental health. Moreover, it was proven by some studies that cola in the drinks is more corrosive to the teeth compared to other fruits juices despite containing similar amounts of the sugar.

The minerals in the tooth enamel can be easily dissolved in an acidic environment. Acids can also render the teeth more sensitive. Thus, dental health experts advise people to avoid drinking soda most especially between meals.

Fizzy Drinks can Lead to Dehydration

The caffeine and sugar in the fizzy drinks have diuretic effects in the body. Caffeine increases the amount of water released in the body through urination. As fizzy drinks tend to be highly concentrated with sugar, the kidneys then attempt to discharge it from the system, and draw water out of the body. It can be observed that when an individual drinks soda or any caffeinated drink in order to quench thirst, they often become thirstier. This is because these types of drinks are responsible for the body’s dehydration.

Fizzy Drinks may Damage the Liver

Fruit juices which are packaged as fizzy drinks have been found to be related to fatty liver conditions. There was a study in Israel which learned that couple of cans of fizzy fruits drinks per day is 5x more likely to cause scarring of liver and liver cancer.

There are at least 9 tsp of sugar in a can. When consumed, it will be absorbed in the liver, and then convert it to fats. There is even a study which suggested that even diet drinks have same effects by tricking the system it has consumed the sugar.fizzy drink 2

Fizzy Drinks Can Weaken the Human Bones

Researchers expressed that cola in fizzy drinks has significant effect to the bones. The rich amount of phosphoric acids, which gives the drinks its tangy taste and tingly experience upon drinking, is the compound responsible bone weakness. It is one of the functions of the body to maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the system by releasing excess calcium from the bones – a process called decalcification, in order to regain the balance. Too much phosphoric acid could lead to brittle, weak bones.

Fizzy Drinks are linked with Breast Cancer

Canadian researchers examined the link of fizzy drinks to breast cancer. It has been observed that more than three servings of these drinks per week can cause greater density of breast, which is one of the precipitating factors of cancer. It was believed that the higher the number of cells in the breast, the greater the chance of it being malignant.

It is important that while we still enjoy taking our fizzy drinks at home or during fun events, we should take note that too much of it can have a harmful effect on our health.