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Have Peace of Mind with these CareCo Security Systems

Although evidence on whether or not burglaries shoot up in the darkest winter months is mixed, it is understandable that our fear of a break in will increase. Darkness conceals those who would attempt to break into our homes, garages and sheds. Winter is a good time to decrease your chances of your home suffering burglary by installing some of the following reasonably priced CareCo security systems. The following alarms and security systems are not just about burglary though. Sometimes, these devices have dual use in that they enable a carer to monitor a person for whom they are responsible.

Border Patrol Safety Beam

This device has a multitude of uses, but is particularly useful for care of vulnerable people. Place one near an entrance and the other up to 20m away (65ft). This will create an invisible beam between the two units that will trigger an alarm should anyone or anything pass between them. However, home security is not it only function. If you are prone to wandering or are a carer for somebody who is, it is a useful safety device. This model has three alarm sound settings. CareCo security systems don’t get more cost effective or useful than this.

Home Care Alert Alarm

Many of the CareCo security systems in this list are multipurpose with use for carers, and this alert alarm is no exception. This wireless alarm system has a range of up to 80 metres (262ft), the kit containing a panic button to alert a carer or other capable person to help. Also in the kit is an electronic doorbell that connects up to the same unit. All the user needs to do is press the button and the person with the unit is alerted immediately. Suitable for security and for care, this is a fine addition to your home.

Wireless Video Door Phone

security systemsElderly, the disabled and other vulnerable people can have peace of mind with video door phones / alarms. With these CareCo security systems, you don’t need to open the door to check the credentials of the person knocking or ringing. The high-resolution video image and audio system gives you a clear image and permits you to hear their voice to check whether the person at the door is a legitimate visitor. Additionally, if anybody calls around while you are out, the unit will take photographs of up to 20 visitors.

Movement Sensor Nightlight

A light can often be the first thing that alerts a homeowner to an intruder, especially those who are hard of hearing. This simple yet effective motion sensor light is useful for both security and caring. It cannot be used outside, but will work in areas where there may be less security but requires protection – for example, a garage or a shed. These CareCo security systems create powerful lights that are not easily missed. Also, place them in the hallways of your home to avoid disturbing others when you need to get up in the night. They also make great low level lighting for the evenings.

Mobility Scooter Alarm

You would think if anything in the range of CareCo security systems would be unnecessary, you would think it was an alarm for a mobility scooter or power chair. Sadly, sometimes these devices are stolen from parking spaces or from garages and homes during a break in. They are expensive to replace and even though most insurance covers theft, nothing can replace the hurt experienced at a loss, or the inconvenience of having to get a replacement. That’s why this simple and inexpensive device is an essential part of your security system. It emits an ear-piercing sound at any attempt at interference, offering you peace of mind no matter where you are.