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Home Massage Products to Relieve Muscular Tension

The stresses of daily life can lead to tension in our muscles. The most desirable solution to this is a professional massage, but most of us can’t afford luxuries like this on a regular basis. A more affordable solution is home massage products. By making a one-off purchase for use at home it can end being much cheaper than spending regularly on a professional massage and it’s always available when you need it. Here are some of the best home massage products available in the CareCo range.

Compact Home Massage Products

If you’re looking for simple and affordable massage products for use around the home then these might just fit the bill:

Vitality Infrared Massage Belt

The Vitality Infrared Massage Belt is an affordable home massage product that can offer precise muscular tension relief. The belt is fastened around the torso with the padded section at the rear and can be controlled by the attached handset. You can then choose what kind of massage you would like, either by manually selecting a custom setting or using pre-set programme and letting the belt do its thing. You can then relax while your muscles are giving some much deserved treatment.

Zest Infrared Foot MassagerZest Infrared Foot Massager home massage

A foot massage is a luxury many of us enjoy and the Zest Infrared Foot Massager lets you bring that home. This somewhat space age looking device has two snug openings for your feet that are comfortable even when switched off. When you do decide to switch the device on the gentle infrared heat will help circulation, while acupressure and an airbag apply pressure to different areas of the foot. As added convenience the interior fabric lining can be removed for easy cleaning.

Heated Back and Seat Massager

If you want a more thorough home massage for an affordable price then you may want to consider the Heated Back and Seat Massager. This home massage product can be placed on any existing seat in and provide a variety of different tension relieving massage regimes. With four levels of intensity and five separate motion settings, you can find the perfect programme for your needs at the time. As a bonus, the Seat Massager comes with a car adapter for relaxation on the move.

Home Massage Recliner Chairs

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive home massage product then you may want to consider a massage recliner chair. Here are a couple of options:

Boden Heat Massage Swivel Recliner

The Boden is a swivel recliner with built in heat and massage functions to relieve tension. This contemporarily styled chair can be operated via the attached handset and offers up a wide range of different massage settings. Whether you want gentle, soothing heat or a firm massage the Boden can provide what’s right for you at the time. The added features of a manual reclining mechanism, footstool, and faux leather upholstery further add to the sense luxuriousness.

Lynton Riser Recliner Chair with Heat and MassageLynton Rise Recliner with Heat & Massage home massage

A higher-end massage recliner chair is the Lynton riser recliner. Immediately, you’ll notice that this particular chair is more opulent in appearance than the Boden swivel recliner and this is reflected in its features as well. Beyond the appearance of generous cushioning and genuine leather, the Lynton has wide ranging heat and massage features that are operated by the clearly laid out handset. Paired with the electronic reclining and riser features it’s the ultimate in home massage tension relief.