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Ideal CareCo Products for a Short Weekend Getaway

Spring is just around the corner. For many people, that means beginning to plan spring and summer mini breaks. Micro holidays and short breaks can do us the world of good. Don’t forget your toothbrush, pyjamas, camera, mobile phone and wash bag. But you may need other supporting things in your kit. We understand you want to take the right things for convenience and enjoyment. Here, we present a selection of CareCo weekend away products to help you enjoy your short break.

Mini Lap Desk with Slot

Mini Lap Desk with Tablet Slot weekendBritish weather can be unreliable. You might arrive at your country retreat in bright sunshine, looking forward to more of the same. But then Saturday comes and it’s raining, and the forecast says it will last all day. What can you do? If you have an internet connection, you can spend some of your relaxing weekend catching up with On Demand television or your streaming service, at least until the weather improves. There is only so much time you can spend in the pool or the bar. Take the strain out of your neck and back with this mini lap table which helps you watch in comfort. CareCo weekend away products allow you to prepare for the bad as well as the good weather.

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock weekendTo some people, a mini break is an opportunity to stay in bed until late. For others, it’s not a moment to waste – you want to leap out of bed as the sun comes up and make the most of it. Your regular alarm clock is probably cumbersome and not portable. If the accommodation has an alarm clock at all, you don’t want to spend all weekend working out how to use it. Why not have your own CareCo weekend away product in the form of this small, lightweight vibrating alarm clock? The vibration is ideal for the hard of hearing and the early birds partnered with a night owl.

Lifestyle Comb and Brush

Lifestyle Brush weekendTheLifestyle Comb weekendse ideal CareCo weekend away companions will fit in any small luggage carrier and make a convenience of personal grooming ahead of a meal or just making yourself look nice for the day. Two separate items, both have moulded anti-slip handles and are ergonomically designed for comfort in the hand when using. Both are waterproof, so you can use them in the shower, and the extra-long handle will mean you don’t need to overstretch. Even with accessibility, some hotels and holiday accommodation don’t always have large showers or baths, or much in the way of customised features for personal grooming. Take the strain out of washing and combing.

Med-Alert Pill Organiser with Alarm

Med-Alert Pill Organiser with Alarm weekendGoing away for the weekend will throw you out of kilter. The break of routine, no matter how pleasant, will lead to forgetting some of the vital chores such as taking your prescription tablets. This handy CareCo weekend away product will not only allow you to divide up your pills into certain days so you make sure you take the right pills, there is also an alarm to jog your memory when you’re too relaxing with all thoughts of the normal life behind you. You may set four different alarms per day which is especially useful if you need to break up your prescription into regular doses, as most of us do.

Pedicure for Tough Nails

Pedicure for Tough Nails weekendA woman’s personal grooming for big events, a pleasant meal or just a lovely night out usually includes making nails pleasant and smooth. This electronic device does just that, but that’s not this CareCo weekend away product’s only function. The buffing head can smooth hard skin, leaving your heels and other dry areas feeling soft and smooth. With three different attachments, no matter the quality of your skin or nail, you can get them feeling exactly as required.