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Featured January Sale CareCo Riser Recliners

January sales are an exciting time for bargain hunting and CareCo is no exception. Included in our 2018 range of sale and clearance stock this year are some of our favourite models from the CareCo riser recliner range. These chairs have medical uses but many people buy them for the comfort and luxury. On these cold and wet January nights, why not kick back and relax with a favourite book, a magazine or simply to put your feet up at the end of a long day?

Virginia Single Motor Rise Recliner ArmchairCareCo Virginia Single Riser Recliner january sale

One of our amazing riser recliner budget models, the Virginia is a great choice for new users and those who just want something basic. It performs exactly what you want it to do – it will recline your body comfortably and easily when seated and it will raise you up to a standing position when seated. This relieves pressure on the knees and back. It is a single motor model which means the legs and head will recliner together. The fabric is simple and you have a choice of two colours – a rather seasonal and attractive oatmeal, and a darker shade of almond.

Havana Riser Recliner Armchair

An attractive and stylish design, the Havana is a superb option for those who want a single motor or dual motor option who prefer leather seats. Simple to use controls, the model will easily rise up to meet your body to lower you in and smoothly recline to the most comfortable position for you. We like the executive feel of the Havana, Customers like the fine-tuning aspect of this model and that it is simple, elegant and unassuming. Few riser recliners are as popular as this and you can save in our January sale.

Savannah Riser Recliner ArmchairSavannah Riser Recliner (Dual Motor) january sale

Also in single or dual motor options, the Savannah simply oozes comfort. We’re certain you’ll like the rounded edges of this riser recliner model, the high back and sheer comfort of relaxation into the upholstery. You have a choice of two colours and both will blend in well with your living room: pebble and sand. As with the others listed here, a single motor type will move the head and legs together; the dual motor model will allow you to move these areas independently, allowing you to recline your back to a comfortable position or simply lift your legs to aid circulation.

Oakley Riser Recliner Armchair

Looking at the higher end price range of our January sale riser recliners, the Oakley both looks and feels substantial. It’s a relatively new addition to our range and one we are confident will remain popular. It’s dual motor which we know many people prefer. The two colour options are mink and beige, so it should go with most if not all of your existing furniture. These are complementary colours that shouldn’t make it stand out more than you would like. But what sets it apart from other models? The dual motor permits far more fine tuning; it’s also much easier to control for people with arthritis.

Lisbon Riser Recliner ArmchairLisbon Swivel Rise Recliner janaury sale

For those who require only the best, we recommend the Lisbon from our January sale riser recliners. This airline style model has a swivel option for maximum comfort and the feeling of being an executive in your own little business kingdom or sitting on a long-haul flight in First Class. The tilt function is intuitive and while it certainly adds to your comfort, it also aids rising and reclining. Available colours are chocolate and beige.