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Featured CareCo Lightweight Powerchairs and Their Benefits

We may still have a long way to go in achieving full accessibility in buildings, but mobility manufacturers are driving innovation. Lightweight materials and flexible design mean that you can enjoy places once closed to you. Now, more than ever before, you can enjoy the great outdoors thanks to devices such as the following lightweight powerchairs. These folding devices fit in the back of a car and collapse to a small size. Here are some of our favourites and best sellers:

CareCo Easi Go Electric Wheelchair

This CareCo lightweight powerchair is the ideal model to use indoors, although trips to do daily chores are perfectly fine too. It’s a great budget model, fulfilling most functions for which you will need it with the added bonus that it will come apart to fit into the boot of most cars or other small vehicles. If convenience with low cost is what you need, then you won’t get better than this device. Some of its other features include:

• A small turning circle, ideal for manoeuvring inside a small flat.
• Adjustable seating, armrests, and footplate for maximum comfort.
• An articulating front beam system that makes travelling on uneven surfaces less arduous and more pleasurable.

Travelux Quest Midwheellightweight powerchairs

As lightweight powerchairs go this impressive mid-range is the ultimate in flexible powerchair use with features ideal for indoor and outdoor functionality. You’ll be amazed at its agility, ability to turn quickly, and sturdiness despite its compact size. You can use it over rougher terrain for those bracing autumn strolls with family on the local heathland.

• One of the longest ranges in our collection at 20km, meaning it’s perfect for multiple trips out and has enough power to traverse rugged terrain.
• Mid-wheel drive means one of the smallest turning circles in our range, perfect for those tight spots.
• The seat, armrests, and foot plate are for maximum comfort.

Pride i-Go

If it’s a luxury lightweight powerchair you require then look no further than this high performance, high power vehicle with unsurpassed folding technology. We understand that the modern powerchair user wants to get out and about and engage in activities that may never have previously been open to you. You will find fewer better options than the Pride i-Go. It has some truly amazing features and functions:

• A simple 5-step process to collapse the vehicle into a compact and portable unit to fit in the back of any car and easy to carry.
• Unbeatable front wheel suspension for the powerchair user who likes to explore the great outdoors, or lives rurally and needs the extra smoothness.
• It’s one of the lightest in our range at under 20kg. It’s simply designed with convenience in mind for the active powerchair user who spends a lot of time outdoors.

Foldawheellightweight powerchairs

This is the most luxurious of our lightweight powerchairs. It comes with a higher price tag but it’s packed full of amazing features. You’ll be forgiven for assuming that its sturdy design means extra weight – but you’d be wrong. At just 20.5kg, it’s just as light as the other models in our range. This is no ordinary powerchair; it features the following technological advantages:

• An anti-tilt hydraulic system ensuring your continued safety over steep hills and rugged terrain.
• It takes seconds to fold the device with no complex removal of parts, just collapse it down, put it in the back of a car and go.
• Armrests that flip up quickly and easily to get close to a desk or other surface.
• Complete with a storage bag for all those extra parts.