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Living with Arthritis

Arthritis affects millions of people worldwide, and is both painful and debilitating. Since there is no cure, people must adjust their way of living, which often means skipping out on daily activities like walking, playing with the grandchildren and even opening a jar of pickles. Luckily, there are companies that have dedicated themselves to developing living aids that make some of the most difficult tasks easier for those who are living with the pain of arthritis.

There are a wide range of products that can be used for various activities and everyday tasks that become difficult as arthritis progresses. These living aids can keep you independent so that you can stay in your home and continue to live with grace and dignity. Regardless of the type of arthritis you have, or how severe your symptoms, there are products that can help you get through the day.


Jar and Bottle Openers: These are typically made of soft rubber and have moulded finger grips for easy opening of most jars and bottles. Simply fit the opener over the lid and turn.

Arthritis Friendly Cutlery Set
Arthritis Friendly Cutlery Set

Cutlery: Arthritis-friendly forks, spoons and knives will make eating easier. Ergonomically designed for easy gripping and a comfortable hold. These are dishwasher safe and are attractive enough to add elegance to any table setting.

Tap Turners: These specially designed openers fit most taps, and are equipped with long handles for easy turning action.

Can Opener: One handed openers make opening any can quick, simple and painless. These manual openers will fit most cans and do not require a great deal of dexterity.


Pull-Plug: These can be useful in any room in your home and make pulling plugs less of a hassle. They come with tags and a marker for easy identification. Typically, they come in a package of 10, so you can place them anywhere.

Dressing Stick: These come in wooden or plastic variations, and have a “C” shape hook at one end, while the other end is equipped with an “S” shape hook.  This is ideal for both pushing off clothes, and pulling them on again. They can be hung on a hook for easy access, while still being out of the way so they are not a tripping hazard.


Anti-Slip Mat: Slipping in the tub is always a concern when you are living with a debilitating disease like arthritis. Anti-slip mats will keep you safe while taking a shower or bath.

Getting Around

Cane: A simple wooden cane with a curved handle can help you get around on days when you need a little bit of extra help.

Drive R6 Lightweight Rollator
Drive R6 Lightweight Rollator

Rollator: For days when you feel your mobility is a bit limited, a rollator will help you get around, both inside and out. These are equipped with non-marking wheels, brakes and adjustable handles. Accessories include a cane holder, basket, tray and seat. This is an ideal companion for shopping, or just going for a stroll around the block.

Mobility Scooters:  If your mobility is extremely limited, or you have a busy day ahead of you, using a scooter will get you from A to B with ease. These motorized vehicles can be driven almost anywhere and are easy to use, with lots of storage space for shopping bags.


Squeeze Ball: If you’re having trouble with the movement of your hands and fingers, using a squeeze ball will help build your strength. Also known as stress balls, these can strengthen your wrist, fingers and hand with regular use, and can be done almost anywhere. Try it while watching TV or even reading. These are extremely popular for both rehabilitation and physical therapy.