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Four Low-Impact Exercise Regimes to Help You Stay Healthy

We all need to get regular exercise to stay healthy, but if you have difficulty with strenuous high-impact and high-intensity workouts due to mobility limitations then it can be hard – and discouraging – to keep fit. However, there are exercise regimes that are low-impact activities that can still benefit your physical fitness and wellbeing, without causing you painful aggravation.

Low-Impact Exercise for the Home

If you want to do your exercise in the comfort of your own home then these two regimes are an excellent way to help you stay healthy. Although both can still be done at a public class.

1. Yoga

Yolow-impactga has become exceptionally popular due to its accessibility and physical and mental benefits. It can be started out at a beginner level that helps improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. This is good for your muscles and joints and will help you with daily physical tasks. As you become better at yoga you can escalate to more skilful and challenging poses. There is also some evidence to suggest that controlled breathing required during yoga can help lower blood pressure and stress.

2. Tai Chi

If yoga is still difficult due to pain or limited mobility it may be worth considering tai chi. Like yoga it can help with balance, strength, and flexibility, but is based around slow and controlled movements with less contortion. Just as it is with yoga, breathing is a central part of the discipline and can help with blood pressure and mood. Additionally, tai chi could be used as a preliminary low-impact regime before taking up yoga, allowing you to build a base of flexibility.

Low-Impact Exercises to Get out the House

If you prefer to get out the house for exercise and want to do something that gets the heart pumping a bit more then these two low-impact exercises are ideal.

3. Walking

Perhaps the most obvious low-impact exercise is good old-fashioned walking. The benefit of this is to get your heart rate up and improve overall stamina and fitness. Try to walk briskly so you’re slightly out of breath, this will increase your physical health more dramatically. You can also make it a social activity with walking clubs, or a way to escape by playing music or an audio book and walking somewhere rural. You can even combine it with the strength and flexibility exercises mentioned.

4. Swimming

Another lolow-impactw-impact cardiovascular exercise is swimming. The benefit of this exercise is that you can engage your entire body with very little impact on troublesome joints and, you can increase the intensity to just enough that you’re short of breath. Again, it would be beneficial to combine swimming with one of the strength and flexibility exercises. This will provide a more well-rounded exercise regime and help reduce chances or injury by strengthening joints and muscles.