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Ergonomic Meal Preparation Aids for the Keen Home Cook

Cooking is pretty in vogue these days. TV chefs, healthy eating, and artisan comfort food are just some of the ways the culinary bug has grabbed the nation. However, if you’re a keen cook but have difficulty with dexterity and grip due to conditions such as arthritis, you may not be able to indulge in your hobby. Fortunately, CareCo stock some cleverly designed meal preparation aids to help you with the fiddlier bits of putting together a dish.

Fix Meal Preparation BoardFix meal Preparation Board

One of the easiest ways to injure yourself in the kitchen is when chopping and prepping ingredients. This is often caused by the chopping board you’re using slipping out from underneath you and directing the knife into an area you certainly wouldn’t want it. The Fix Preparation Board is equipped with features that aim to greatly reduce the likelihood of this ever happening.

The first way in which the board improves safety is through the use of its suction cups on the underside. These can be planted on any clean, smooth, and flat surface and keep it fixed in place. In addition to the suction cups, there is also the adjustable vice on top of the board. This can be altered in both width and length to hold whatever you need in place. Whether it’s a slippery price of veg, a cheese grater, or a flat sided pot or bowel.

Relieve Ergonomic KnifeRelieve Ergonomic Knife meal preparation

Improving the chopping board is one way to make meal preparation easier, but having a comfortable and safe to use knife is also important. Many standard preparation knives have handles that are not well suited to those with dexterity issues. The angle they require your wrist to be at can be uncomfortable and they’re often too small in the hand to allow a firm grip. However, with some clever redesigning of the classic knife the Relieve Ergonomic Knife solves these issues.

You’ll notice how dramatically different the Relieve Knife looks and it’s for good reason. The perpendicular handle means you can keep the alignment of your wrist straight, which not only helps reduce any tension but it also helps you grip harder. The firmness of your grip is further helped by the chunkiness of the handle. Finally, the blade is available in different variations depending on its use. Carving, folding, regular, serrated, and small are all options, meaning you’ll be ready for every meal preparation eventuality.

Relieve Cheese SlicerRelieve Cheese Slicer meal preparation

Somehow adding cheese to a dish makes it instantly better, but a lot of cheese slicers and graters are easy to scuff your knuckles on and cause injury. Fortunately, there is another Relieve branded meal preparation product that follows similar design principles to the Ergonomic Knife with a handle mounted at a perpendicular angle – the Relieve Cheese Slicer.

The signature chunky angled handle lets you drag the grater section across a block of cheese to give you tasty wafer thing shavings, perfect to melt on top of a dish. Then, just by slightly angling your wrist – or the cheese – you can make textured slicers for crackers or cheese on toast. This also helps keep your other hand away from the blade during the slicing or grating motion, something that often results in injury on traditional cheese graters and slicers.

These are just a few of the kitchen living aids we offer at CareCo, but there are even more products available for just about any kitchen task found here.