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Mobility Accessories Perfect for a Springtime Picnic

As springtime rolls in the opportunities to have a picnic in the sun are becoming more common. However, if you have mobility difficulties picnics can often seem like an obstacle rather than a source of enjoyment. Fortunately, there are many mobility accessories that can make the experience both easy and enjoyable. Here are just a few of the best.

Coolbag Backpack

CoolBag Backpack mobility accessoriesAny good picnic has sandwiches, sausage rolls and cool refreshing drinks, so to keep everything chilled for when its time to eat the Coolbag Backpack is an ideal choice amongst mobility accessories. The inside of this backpack is lined with insulation designed to keep your picnic nibbles at the optimum temperature for longer. Furthermore, the main pocket is separated by a divider to help separate certain items, this way you’ll avoid a dreaded soggy sandwich.

Not only is the Coolbag a superb way to keep you lunch cool, but it can also be attached to the back of varies mobility aids; whether it’s a powerchair, mobility scooter, or wheelchair. Of course, it can also be used as an ordinary backpack.

Mobility Accessories for Eating

Once you’ve picked a spot to enjoy you picnic it’s time to eat. However, if you have difficulty with dexterity and grip eating al fresco can be tricky. But these mobility accessories can help.

Deluxe Cup with Handles mobility accessoriesDeluxe Cup with Handles

For many, ordinary cups are difficult to use but the Deluxe Cup with Handles is designed to make drinking much easier thanks to its well thought out features. The cup is shaped so that it removes the need for the user to tilt their head back as they drink. This helps with those who have trouble swallowing or those who cannot raise their arms above their head. Additionally, the dual handles provide a steadier grip and are also shaped to be easy to hold.

Dignity Bowl & Plate Combo mobility accessoriesDignity Bowl and Plate Combo

The Dignity Bowl and Plate Combo is ideal for springtime picnics. The shape of both these items has been designed to make it easier to use with one hand. The taller, curved edge can be used in place of a knife to scoop food onto a fork, while also preventing food or liquid falling from the plate. For those who have weakness in one side – perhaps due to stroke – this simple alteration of an everyday item can transform picnics from an activity of frustration to the relaxed experience it should be.

Good Grip Spoon mobility accessoriesGood Grips Cutlery

Ordinary picnic cutlery can be awkward for anyone. The flimsy plastic and smaller size feels unnatural to hold and for those with dexterity issues it’s even worse. Fortunately, the Good Grips Cutlery set of mobility accessories can help. The chunky handles make it much easier to hold with a weak grip and the spoon and fork can be bent at any angle to take the strain off the wrist. The knife blade has also been shaped so cutting requires less force than normal.

By incorporating these mobility accessories into your springtime picnics, you needn’t worry about the normal frustrations, instead just sit back and enjoy the sun.