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Why Your CareCo Mobility Scooter Needs a Saddle Bag

CareCo mobility scooters allow you to visit family, go shopping, travel to areas otherwise inaccessible to you, and get up slopes with relative ease. As well as supplying some of the best mobility devices around, CareCo carefully selects some of the best accessories to complement your purchase. We feel there are few mobility scooter accessories more useful than the saddle bag. We presently have three options for our customers; here are some of their potential uses.

Carry Multiple Small Objects

Get the best out of your mobility scooter when out and about by freeing up your hands to control the vehicle. A saddle bag helps you to carry all the paraphernalia of daily life. When you go shopping, you may not necessarily have the room to carry your bags, purse, keys, mobile phone, and anything else you might usually need. However, our saddle bags have several small pockets in which you can store these small items that would otherwise require extra hands. It will also free up your clothes pockets, meaning you won’t experience the discomfort that usually comes with sitting down with pockets full of items.

Carry Heavy Objectssaddle bag

As well as carrying multiple objects you couldn’t possibly hope to carry on your own, it helps you to carry some heavy objects with which you might otherwise struggle. For example, your mobility scooter might require a spare battery in case of emergencies. You cannot ideally carry this on your person while operating the vehicle. Other heavy objects might be gifts for people you are visiting, outdoor wear in case it rains, or a lunch and a flask of coffee if you are exploring the great outdoors. It’s amazing how such a simple attachment like a saddle bag can improve a scooter.

It Protects Your Items

A mobility scooter saddle bag offers protection from the elements for your essential items – such as electronics and anything else that might get damaged if they get too wet. Check the details of each, but some are waterproof and some are only showerproof. We can’t always wait for the rain to pass, especially if we have an appointment and need to carry an item that could get damaged on the journey, but a saddle bag can solve that dilemma.

Weight Distributionsaddle bag

Do you remember when you were younger and carried a bag of heavy items on one handlebar of your bicycle? You probably struggled to balance and maybe even fell over once in a while. One aspect that people tend to forget when driving a lightweight vehicle such as a mobility scooter is the ballast. Overloading the vehicle’s weight at the back increases the risk of it tipping over. Overloading one side means struggling to get around corners or increased risk of toppling. The symmetrical design of a saddle bag aids weight distribution of all the items you need to carry, you can then add ballast and make your journey safer and smoother.

A Saddle Bag Frees Up Space

The final benefit of a mobility scooter saddle bag is that by creating pockets on the back of the chair and over the armrests, it frees up space that might otherwise make your journey less comfortable. You need room to breathe and to stretch to have a comfortable ride. By keeping items out of the way, these saddle bags allow you to make the most of the space on your mobility scooter.