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New Research Reveals a Decline in Pet Ownership

Are dogs still a man’s best friend? Mintel’s Lifestyle report on consumer trends suggests that fewer of us have pets nowadays. They say that pet food sales are in decline and suggest that the reason behind the drop in pet ownership is because those renting are often banned from having pets and fewer older people have pets.

Pet OwnershipIf you’re reading this with a cat curled up on your knee or a dog by your side, you’ll know how much love and comfort a pet provides. For many pet owners, the idea of not having a faithful companion would be imaginable.

There are many benefits to having a pet – they help us socially, emotionally and fitness wise.

Longing for Rover?

If you’d love to have a dog, but worry about the practicalities then there are some things we can suggest:

  1. Do your research –You should never rush into getting any pet. Think about which breeds of dog will suit your lifestyle. For instance, you might love German Shepherds but they require a lot of walking and brushing to keep in tip-top condition. A bouncy puppy will need training and is likely to be a bit of a whirlwind, for a few years at least. Why not explore adopting an older dog? They are often overlooked but make great pets, especially if you’re looking for a dog that will like curling up in front of the fire and taking things easy.
  2. Speak to your friends and family – Find out what your loved ones think, especially if they will be helping to care for your pet. Having any pet is a commitment and if a friend has a dog they might let you borrow it for a day or two to see how it feels to be a dog owner.
  3. Think about the costs involved – You’ll have to weigh up the costs of food, flea treatments, annual boosters and any vet bills that might arise. If you enjoy going on lots of holidays, then you’ll have to think about who will look after your dog while you’re away. Kennel fees can be expensive.
  4. Consider other pets – A dog isn’t the only option if you’re looking for companionship. Cats can be just as cuddly (depending on the cat!) or perhaps a rabbit, guinea pig or budgie might suit you better as they’re easier to care for and don’t require as long a commitment.