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No More Embarrassment with CareCo Incontinence Accessories

Being unable to control one’s bowel or bladder can be as embarrassing as it is messy, no matter how understanding a carer or family is about the situation. It’s just one of those things of getting older, infirm or suffering from long-term debilitating illness. Accessories for helping people with toilet problems have come a long way in recent years, making it more hygienic and easier to deal with than ever before. Below is just a small part of a collection of useful CareCo incontinence accessories and aids for use in the home or when out and about.

Stretch Pants and Pads

There is nothing worse than being caught short when you can’t get to a toilet such as doing your rounds or travelling in the care on a long journey. These CareCo incontinence accessories give you quality of life in a discreet fashion. Ours are designed for use with Age UK approved stretch pants, so you can be assured of getting a good product recommended by people who understand your medical needs. This product comes in three sizes with five pairs included in each pack. It will keep you clean with their superabsorbent material, reducing not only mess inside but spillage too.

Tena Men Pads

IncontinenceWhile most incontinence pads are unisex or aimed at women, there are few products in this category for the male anatomy. We are proud that CareCo incontinence accessories cater for all needs and functions. This model has a secure adhesive strip to attach to every-day underwear and contains materials that ensure discreet use. You will not experience bad smells when using this pad, saving embarrassment for you when in company. There are three choices of absorbency. Level 1 can hold 200-300ml (a maximum of one can of soft drink), level 2 is 450-600ml and level 3 is 600-800ml.

Unisex Urinals

The CareCo incontinence accessories aids contain both reusable and disposable models. Both are unisex which means that they are designed for the use of both men and women. Whether the patient is standing, sitting or lying, they will find it easy to use with little danger of spilling everywhere. The reusable model comes with a lid for secure transportation of the waste to the toilet without the risk of accident while moving. It holds up to 1L of liquid (about one and three quarters of a pint). The disposable model comes in a pack of 100 for the price.

Nilaqua Expandable Wipes

Dried so that they are compact and easy to transport, all you need to do with this essential CareCo incontinence accessory is apply water and watch it expand. Useful for when travelling or keeping handy near a high-risk area, you could combine them with our body wash to clean yourself as well as your essential surfaces. The resulting cloth once expanded with the addition of fluid is soft on the skin. It contains no toxic materials, made from natural fibres that leave your body feeling cool and fresh after washing. You have the choice of buying a pack of 4 or a pack of 9.

Waterproof Chair Protector / Pad

CareCo incontinence accessories contain a number of useful chair and seat protectors for use around the home. Not everybody with incontinence is stuck in bed; some are mobile and able to get around. Therefore, they need their armchairs, sofas, dining chairs and other furniture to receive the utmost care. All of our waterproof furniture protectors are absorbent, machine washable and protects your furniture from those critical leaks when having an accident. We also supply bed protectors including covers for pillows mattresses and under sheets, helping you make the right choice for your health and quality of life.