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Other Ways to Help Fight Cancer

According to statistics, more than one in eight of us will get cancer in our lifetime. For most cancer patients, it is one of the toughest fights they will undergo in their life. As research is continuously striving to find a cure for this disease, individuals and groups are also playing a part in the fight against cancer. In the last decade, there have been organizations creating awareness in numerous ways such as promoting healthy living, providing support groups for patients and also organizing activities to raise funds.

Below are some ways organisations have used to fight against cancer;

  1. Campaign: This strategy is developed to help people living with cancer get all the necessary assistance they need from the government. It aims to protect cancer patients from cuts to their benefits. This way, they do not feel ill-treated. Organisations such as Macmillan and Cancer research UK have series of campaign yearly to ensure these objectives are met.Fight Against Cancer
  2. Volunteering: Charities across the UK gives the opportunity for you to make someone’s day by doing a few odd jobs. This can range from a variety of stress free activities such as gardening, housekeeping and cleaning the environment or home of someone living with cancer. Some charities also give the opportunity for you to cheer at their events in your area. The fact still remains that the time you volunteer to cancer supporting events will always put a smile on the patients. This helps to keep people living with cancer happy and have an active mind, thus promoting optimal health during the period they are trying to fight the disease.
  3. Fund Raising: In recent years, individuals have device means of fund raising for cancer. A few common examples are walking, running, swimming or sometimes triathlon.  It can be a single person or group of people event for the same cause. This occurs when friends, colleagues and family donate money to support you in completing an activity challenge in a way to raise funds and awareness for cancer. All the money raised will then be sent to the cancer charity of your choice.  When you are ready to organize your event, it is important to make the charity aware so that they can plan with you and also give you all the support and advice you may require to make the event a success.  A reward in form of incentives, t-shirt, kits or souvenir is sent to you from the cancer charity you are raising the funds for. Recognition may also be given at the end of the year.
  4. Go Sober: This is one way individuals contribute positively to cancer research. It is mainly known as a win win situation. It involves sacrificing the funds used to cater for some of your bad habits such as drinking and smoking towards cancer research. Take a step back to think of the amount you spend on alcohol and/or cigarettes in a month, some people even go into triple digits per month for these substances which are not good for the health. By going sober and giving the donations to cancer charities, you will help fight cancer and also aid yourself to healthy living. In the UK, some month of the year are tagged with themes such as ‘Go sober this September’, Stoptober in October and Movember this November.Fight Against Cancer

Charities you can get involved with include Macmillan, World Child Cancer, Cancer Research Institute and Cancer Advice. There are also smaller cancer support groups in your local area.

Looking closely, cancer has claimed the life of someone we love. It is important that we engage ourselves with activities that will create funding for cancer research and also help the cancer patients live longer with optimism.  This way, we can all collaborate in groups and charity to beat cancer soonest.