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Prepare for January Blues with CareCo SAD Devices

Seasonally Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that occurs at certain times of the year. Most sufferers experience their worst symptoms in the colder months. The jollity of Christmas soon gives way to the drudge of frosty, wet, dark January. But SAD is more than simply feeling sad because Christmas is over, most sufferers start getting symptoms in September when the nights are noticeably darker and it lasts – potentially – through to February.

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What Causes SAD?

We need sunlight and in the winter months when exposure is much lower, it has a noticeable effect on everybody’s mood. However, SAD is a recognised medical condition with measurable neurological effects on the brain.

As with most forms of depression, it is usually caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Low serotonin levels can affect sleep patterns and make us tired and irritable, drag us down and make us snappy and short-tempered. Most people suffer this in winter to a certain degree, but for SAD sufferers the condition has the potential to be debilitating. The following CareCo SAD devices have been selected to help sufferers.

sad devicesSAD Light Pad

This is one of three medically approved CareCo SAD devices. Light therapy is one of the most common treatments for SAD, and a simple one with which sufferers can self-medicate. It uses LEDs rather than conventional lighting, so it will not cost a lot of money to run. The key to this SAD lighting system is that it presents a natural light that is missing when it is dark and cold, especially in winter. Designed for both home and office use, it is light and compact with full 360 degree rotation. It will sit neatly on a unit next to you while reading or watching the television.

SAD Day Light

The second of our three medically approved CareCo SAD devices, this all-purpose day light is a bulkier affair than the light pad. It fills your dark corners and dingy winter rooms with spring and summer light, improving the environment and your mood. Mimicking natural daylight is the key to alleviating the worst symptoms of SAD. The 45-Watt LED presents a 10,000 Lux rating – you are unlikely to need another light on in the room when it is running. It’s cheap to run and effective for treating the SAD symptoms so common at this time of year. Suitable as a reading lamp, night light, or ambient light in a main room.

SAD Light Pod

If its smaller and less intrusive devices you want, then look no further than this light pod from the CareCo SAD devices range. It differs from the other two devices already mentioned as it uses blue light – not only simulating natural light, but also improving sleep. The red light that our phones, computers and tablets use can affect sleep patterns. That’s why we are recommended not to use electronic devices too late at night. Getting more sleep and a better quality of sleep is an essential part of improving concentration, mood and general well-being. The blue light filter of this device is soft and gentle, the perfect addition to your SAD self-help treatments.

SAD Therapy Light

The third of our medically approved CareCo SAD devices is this compact therapy light. Like the light pod, it uses blue light for improved sleep and relief of the problems that red light causes. It is unobtrusive and compact and gives out a gentle blue glow. As a class IIa medical device, it has measurable benefits and is approved by major health bodies. The added benefit of this light is that you do not have to stand it on a unit. It comes with a wall mount – you won’t have to worry about knocking it over.