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Preserving the battery life on your Mobile Phone

Does modern technology confuse you? Astounded by the internet? Do you want to take part but don’t know where to start? Then the CareCo How To… Guide series is here to help! Today we bring you some handy advice on how to preserve the battery life of your phone to ensure you’ll always have sufficient power.

Whether you own a smartphone or standard mobile phone, every model can be adjusted to save power. Follow our simple tips to not only save you power but to also extend the life of your phone’s battery.battery life

  1. Our first and most important tip is to turn off any applications you’re not using. With smartphones, as soon as you tap on an application it starts running, draining battery life while you use it. However, even once you’ve closed it and moved onto something else the app will continue to run in the background, eating up precious power. So how do you close them down without deleting them completely? Just by turning them off! For example, with an iPhone simply double click on the square Home button to reveal the list of applications currently running. Swipe upwards to shut them down. By closing an application you’re saving power, reducing the amount of data being used and preventing the app from sending you unnecessary notifications.
  2. Continuing on that note, by closing applications you’re preventing them from sending and receiving data about where you are. For example, if you download your favourite coffee shop’s application and leave it running when you’re out and about you’ll receive a notification when you’re in the vicinity of one of their cafes. Close the app or turn off the location tracker in your settings to prevent this happening.
  3. Reduce the brightness of your screen and turn off the backlight. This is one of the simplest ways of saving power!
  4. When you know you won’t be using your phone for a long period of time (e.g. overnight whilst you’re sleeping) turn it off completely or turn on Airplane/Sleep mode. This prevents the phone from receiving data (calls, texts, e-mails) and stops it searching for signal, saving you power.
  5. Again, when you’re not using them, turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth functions. This will prevent the phone from searching for a connection, and stop it from connecting to unknown sources.
  6. We all know how addictive certain tablet and smartphone games can be but they’re also huge drains on your battery. If you’re trying to save power only use your phone for calls and text messages – and don’t forget to close down Angry Birds/Candy Crush when you’re not playing!
  7. As simple as it sounds, turn off vibrate. Although an incredibly helpful feature for those who’re hard of hearing, vibrate mode can eat up battery very quickly. Deactivate it if possible.
  8. When using the phone’s camera avoid using the flash. Although handy when taking pictures at night or in dark surroundings the flash is another feature which has to be forced by your phone, in turn using more power. Turn it off during the day or when taking photos in well-lit areas.
  9. Alongside receiving calls and texts smartphones can show you your latest e-mails. However, if your phone is constantly checking your inbox it’s using unnecessary power. To rectify this simply change your settings. Adjust your phone so it checks for new e-mails every 15 to 30 minutes rather than using battery-draining signal to update itself constantly.
  10. Finally, as strange as it sounds try to keep your phone as cool as possible. Phone batteries work best when kept at room temperature so avoid leaving your device in direct sunlight/in front of windows…and give it a break! Using your phone for long periods of time can generate heat, so give it time to cool down.

We hope our advice helps!