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Pride C1 Petite Riser Recliner for Mrs Cheal

Mrs Cheal from Cambridge with her new Pride C1 Petite Recliner Chair from CareCo

 CareCo working with the Press Relief charity

A few weeks ago we were approached by Chris Elliot, chief reporter for the Cambridge News about helping one of their local residents.

Chris explained that Mrs Cheal was in urgent need of a replacement for her old and worn riser recliner chair and wasn’t in a position to purchase the chair herself.
Cambridge News kindly agreed to purchase the new riser recliner chair through their chairty Press Relief.

After hearing about Mrs Cheal and the work Press Relief were doing to aid her we thought we would help as much as we could. We arranged to supply a New Pride C1 Petite Riser Recliner at a reduced price and with a free engineered delivery.

Jim our local engineered delivery driver brought the recliner and set it up for Mrs Cheal at her home. As you can see from the photos below she looks very pleased!

Mrs Cheal and her new Pride C1 Petite
Mrs Cheal and Jim from CareCo
Mrs Cheal and her new Pride C1 Petite
Mrs Cheal in her new Pride C1









We would like to congratulate Press Relief, Cambridge News and of course Chris Elliot (@ChrisElliotCN on Twitter) for their work to make this happen for Mrs Cheal.

From all the team at CareCo we hope you enjoy your new recliner chair Mrs Cheal!