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Reasons to Shop Online

Supermarket annoyances, time limits in busy lifestyles, and the increase of the use of the internet in households has created a dramatic increase in the amount of people turning away from the local high street and taking to their laptop or computer to order their shopping instead.

This is the final article in our series looking at shopping online, in this article we will look at the different reasons to shop at various online grocery stores and the services given by these selected stores.

In previous articles we have looked at the basics of shopping online, and the advantages and disadvantages of buying groceries over the internet, these can be found at the bottom of the page.

All websites mentioned in the article will also be linked at the bottom of the page.

I want to plan exactly when I want my order delivered!

One of the main reasons to buy groceries online is the option to have your purchases delivered to your house without the need to even step out of your front door. Many online stores offer timed deliveries with the majority requiring customers to spend a certain amount of money on that particular order before they can be eligible for the service.

Most delivery services charge customers a small fee to reserve hour long slots so that customers know exactly when their purchases are on the way.  The majority of online grocery stores charge customers a small fee on a timed delivery when spending over £40, this includes the big stores such as Tesco, Morrisons, Asda etc.

Iceland was the cheapest to receive home delivery with customers only having to spend £35 and a charge of absolutely nothing for the delivery. Whilst this is a great deal it is a shame Iceland deals mainly with frozen goods and lacks the number of products the bigger stores have.Shop Online

Whilst most of us have seen their vans popping up all over the roads Ocado sits at the top spot as the most expensive online store with a minimum charge of £2.99 and a maximum charge of £6.99 when spending over £75 on your purchase.

Most grocery stores also offer premium memberships on delivery with the bigger stores offering a yearly membership from up to £2.50 a month, be sure to check all of the stores before you commit to a yearly membership to get the best price possible.

I want fresh produce!

One of the biggest worries online grocery shoppers face is the quality of their produce when they haven’t had the opportunity to look at it themselves. Ordering your whole weekly shop only to receive bruised, damaged goods is enough to turn online shoppers away and force them back into the supermarkets.

Shop OnlineThere are many online grocery stores offering high quality services to ensure that your groceries are exactly how you want them when they get to you; Ocado leads the way in delivering fresh green groceries to your doorstep. There are many other online stores offering fresh green groceries such as The Very Green Grocer or Fruit and Veg however these websites are still quite simplistic and not so easy to navigate compared to the websites of the big name supermarkets.

I want ethically sourced, organic foods!

Buying organic products in supermarkets can be annoying due to their small range of items and steep prices. Websites such as Abel & Cole, Realfoods, and Planet Organic promise to provide organic products that have been ethically sourced with easy options to find food suited for vegans, people with gluten allergies and people who are interested in buying “fairtrade” goods.

When you’re given too much choice

Buying your weekly shop can be frustrating when so many big supermarkets are giving you a reason to shop with them; all the sales and deals on each site can make it difficult to determine who has the best prices. Comparison websites such as mySupermarket take all the products you want and works out which supermarket is selling them the cheapest so you don’t have to. The website also includes the offers found in store on each independent website so you won’t miss out on anything!

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